Ho Ho Holidays Are Here!



Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? I know! This time of year seems to sneak up fast! Some of my friends are done shopping and have their tree up already… I am NOT that organized. But I am looking forward to setting up our (fake) tree and decorating this coming weekend. It doesn’t feel right to me to decorate before December 1st. How about you?

I am excited to share that we are also gearing up for the holiday season in the shop! Head over to Ink Paper Love to see the new designs as they roll out! First up is this modern take on the sounds of Christmas; minimalist designs available as downloadable prints, either Ho Ho Ho or Fa La La, and cards or gift tags. I have the prints hanging in my dining room, and I’m loving the simple holiday feel they bring to the space!

Head over the Ink Paper Love now to grab some of these for yourself!

Photography by: Breather from Unsplash // Rosa Pearson // Freddy Castro  from Unsplash

Penguins, Pandas & Polar Bears, Oh My!




There are a lot of exciting changes happening around here! Flutter Flutter, both this blog and our Etsy shop, are both now Ink Paper Love. Along with a new brand comes new designs! There are now pandas, polar bears, and penguins hanging out in the shop.



All of these modern art prints are also available in printable birthday party invitations, thank you cards, and party banners. Pop on over to Ink Paper Love on Etsy and you can see the rest of the new designs as they’re unrolled!

Panda Themed Birthday Party



Panda Party

Does anyone else have a panda lover in their house? My youngest has been crazy obsessed lately! He requested a Panda-themed birthday party this year, and since he’s not going to be cool with themed parties for much longer you can believe that I was going to run with this! So, with a little help from a perfectly timed release of the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie and some jelly beans, I was able to pull it off.

I am not at all gifted with baking skills, so I always try to keep things pretty simple. I searched Pinterest for inspiration, and found lots of panda faces made of chocolate chips or fondant icing (heck no!). Basic icing and some carefully placed jelly beans work for me! I love how the curve of the jelly beans totally mimics panda eyes and ears! How has that idea not made it’s way to Pinterest already! You’re welcome people!

And, of course, what birthday party is complete without an invitation? This little heart-nosed panda invitation is now listed in the shop here so you can put together your own panda party!

Mini Makeover for Teacher Appreciation Week




It was Teacher Appreciation Week at our children’s school recently, which usually involves parents bringing in food for the week. But, after years of walking past the window of the somewhat uninspired teachers lounge, I thought that it might be fun to add a surprise mini-makeover of the staff room into the mix! I contacted IKEA to see if they would consider coming on board and donating some of the items to our little scheme, and they agreed!

The Offender

This ugly lamp is the reason I first started plotting. It was screaming to be put it out of its dusty-green misery. And if you’re going to change one thing, why not a few more while you’re at it, right? We wanted to keep the plan simple to implement so it could be a surprise, which meant all the furniture had to stay. Although it’s not exactly pretty, it is functional, and that counts for something when there’s a budget and slim window of time. So, I put together a mood board (top) of what I envisioned would add to the space, and then went shopping! We waited for the teachers to leave for the weekend, and spent 3 hours packing up and unpacking all the new and old dishes, art, and organizing the space. It was a lot of fun!

Disclaimer: Because this was a surprise we didn’t get rid of anything, just boxed things up so that the teachers could put it all back if they wanted to.

Here are some Before & After’s of the freshened up space…


Mismatched garage sale finds filled the kitchen cupboards, every size and shape of mug or plate imaginable. Granted, it’s not the end of the world, but I love how serene and organized the cupboards are now! And the teachers seem to like it too, which is good, considering that was the point.

Eating Area

The eating area needed some more visual interest on the walls, and so we added a large tree decal to visually divide the eating area from the seating area, and an art print that tied into the red tables. And, of course, what interior shot is complete without a bowl of green apples… or three, especially for a bunch of teachers.

Lounge Area

And here is the after shot of the seating area. It turns out the dusty green lamp wasn’t even plugged in! Probably because the plug for the lamp wasn’t accessible, so we ended up putting the large palm plant (which we ran out of floor space for) onto the side table to fill the void. It’s a little large for that spot, but it’ll do. Ideally, some beautiful coffee table books would grace the table, but I ran out of time to search for some, and the reality is that the teachers need somewhere to put their magazines, coffee mugs and such, so we left it open.

A big thanks to IKEA for donating items for the mini makeover! And to all the helpers that made the afternoon fun!

Lesson Learned




I learned a lesson last week, and thought I’d share, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t already know this. [Insert hand hitting forehead.] Remember how I was going to be painting some stripes? Yes, well, that plan failed. You see, I discovered that winter is not a great time to paint, even inside! Who knew?! The paint bubbled! INSIDE! Granted, I didn’t think about turning on the baseboard heater in Cole’s room before I started, and it was snowing outside, but I really didn’t think the walls would be THAT cold. Apparently I was wrong. So, I only got as far as the white stripes, and there are some areas that I’ll be sanding and repainting once the weather warms up. Lesson learned.

Since I now have some extra time before the stripes happen, I thought that I’d poll you all to find out what painters tape you use? I probably should have chosen less contrast for my first set of stripes! I really don’t want to have navy blue paint seeping under the tape and onto the white… so please let me know if you have a personal favourite!

PS – I realize that this picture has nothing to do with painting, or stripes, but no one needs to see bubbled paint drying. Instead, I thought I’d share a pic of the stool and bird that I just found at Target. I’m loving them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!




A belated Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve had a sick boy on our hands for the last week, thanks to food poisoning from some nasty sushi, so we stayed close to home this Valentine’s Day. We decided to watch the Academy Award winning movie Amour, subtitles and all. Sounds like the perfect romantic movie, right? Those of you that have seen the movie are probably laughing right now. (spoiler alert!) Those that haven’t should know that it ends with the main character suffocating his wife to end her misery. Not exactly the type of love story we expected. What did your Valentine’s Day look like?

On a happier note, I’ve been craving all white walls for a long, long time, thanks to my Pinterest inspiration boards, and we finally committed! I’m thrilled to have the fresh white walls throughout the main area of our home. If you’re thinking about switching to an all-white interior space, you should read this article that my friend Maria wrote a while back. It has some good tips on things you might want to consider. In honor of Valentine’s Day I framed a smaller version of the “Home Is Where The Heart Is” print in a black frame for some contrast. I have had multiples of that frame kicking around waiting to be used ever since Superstore cleared out some frames eons ago… I think I picked them up for $4 each, including the white matte! I knew they’d come in handy one day! And it feels good to start the weekend with one less thing on the floor in my office.

Painting Stripes

This is a little preview of what we are going to get up to this weekend! (Ignore the mess and the furniture, as it is all in transition.) Thanks to Photoshop I was able to play around with some ideas and get the okay from Cole before we buy the paint for the last wall in his room! We’ve had the rest of his room painted for quite a while, but we couldn’t agree what to do with this wall until now.  What do you think about the navy stripes? I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Are you tackling any projects this weekend? Whatever you’re up to I hope you have a good one.

Flutter Flutter’s in the Houzz



New Juju

I hope you have some fun plans lined up this weekend! We had a kid-free trip to Portland (all kinds of awesome!) last weekend. But things like that go way too fast, so I’m glad there’s another weekend here already! I just thought I’d pop in to share a couple of the fun things that are happening here…

I’ve been working with raw wool lately, and the above pic shows the result. I love how it changes the look of the juju. If you are hoping to see one hanging on your wall after Christmas you can send your special someone over to the shop!


Also, I am super excited to announce that I am now working with Houzz as a monthly contributor for their Product Picks! I’ll be showing you 20 of my top products from around the web. If you haven’t heard of Houzz before, it is currently the largest home design destination on the web, with over 15 million visitors a month! The site is loaded with inspiration, so I’m thrilled to be a part of it! You can see my Ideabooks here. I’d love to know if you are on Houzz!

Happy Friday!

Cleaning up with ChoreMonster





Things have been changing around our house lately… it’s getting tidy! Yes, my kids are doing chores. But that isn’t new. What’s new is that they are excited about it! We’ve been using ChoreMonster for a month or so now, and since it’s working I thought I’d share it with you! To get started we created a list of chores and set some rewards, and the kids are earning points towards their goals with each chore. The real motivator is trying to win the virtual monsters, which are a huge hit with my two monsters! Unless of course our oldest wins a monster and our younger one doesn’t… but then that teaches an important lesson too, doesn’t it. 😉


Chore Monster

I’ve tried sticker charts before, and they have never worked for us. We all got bored of them pretty quick. But I’m pretty happy to see that my kids are the ones reminding me about chores most days now. I don’t have to keep them accountable anymore, they are self-motivated! Finally! If you feel like trying it out with your family, you can use this link to get ONE MONTH FREE membership. Let me know what you think if you do!


I only accept brand opportunities to write about things I love and would normally buy anyway.
I received an opportunity through Canopi to partner with ChoreMonster.

Before & After: Table & Chairs Makeover




We’ve got a visitor on the blog today! Say hello to Sam everyone! This is us at Chelsea Market on a trip to New York. Sam is second from the left, in between Sherri and Claire. It feels like so long ago, and looking at this pic makes me want to jump on a plane! But, now that you’ve met Sam, you really need to take a peek into her amazing dining room transformation!

Table Before & After

Isn’t it great! Sam wanted to change up her table and chairs, and with just a little paint that she already had on hand, and some interlocking boards, she has completely transformed the room for only $10! Pretty amazing DIY, don’t you think?

Thanks for sharing Sam!

[ UPDATE: I’ve received lots of emails with questions since this post, so I thought I’d answer them here so you don’t need to go searching through the comments if you have a question. Firstly, Sam used a couple cans of leftover FAT Paint chalk paint, mixed together, to come up with her table color. Because she was using this type of paint she didn’t sand or prime, just painted it on! She bought all of the boards in one bundle from Rona (Canada’s home improvement store) for $6! She nailed on the wood top. Hope that helps! ]

EQ3 Blogger’s Style




How is your week going so far? Life has definitely had its ups and downs over here lately, so it’s nice to receive emails that give me a boost. Today I thought I’d share that EQ3 asked me to be their ‘Blogger of the Month’ for October! I love this Canadian company, so of course I jumped at the chance! Over the course of the month I have posted on the EQ3 FB page, and you can pop over to the EQ3 Inhabit blog post where I share more pictures of our latest kitchen addition, the Connick Pendant. What a treat it is to have hanging over our table! It is exactly what I’ve been searching for, simple & beautiful!

KITCHEN Before & After

And, of course, everyone loves a Before & After, so I couldn’t resist sharing one including our latest addition!

Thanks for having me EQ3!

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