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Type Tuesday: Numbered Chairs



Type Tuesday is a little closer to home today! These chairs were made by my granddad for us grandkids when we were little (the table is used elsewhere in our house), so I was happy to scoop them up from my parents when the boys were born. After a coat of paint, and adding some numbers (with a Sharpie marker!), they currently line the back of the couch that separates our kitchen eating area and family room. As the chairs have been used over the years, the Sharpie’d numbers have aged nicely so that they look like they’ve always been there. And, if I wanted to make them look crisp and new, I’d just have to color them in again!

Photo Credit: Rosa Pearson Design

Happy Easter



I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays! The boys had a pro-d day at school on Thursday, so it was a five day long weekend at our house! We filled the weekend with family dinners, lunch with friends, church and lots of hunting for eggs… our little guy came down with a fever on day two, so there was a shocking lack of interest in chocolate on his part, until today. He’s feeling better now!

All Steamed Up



My in laws spent a couple of days cleaning out their crawl space, and I thought I’d show you one of the items that came to our house! Remember how I asked you to keep your eyes open for me? Well, this Bentwood steamer trunk is a lot larger than I was thinking, but it works, and it comes with a lot of history… look what we found inside!

The Sun & The Province newspapers from when Kennedy was assassinated.

I envision it sitting at the foot of one of the boys beds as a toy box or storage for dress up clothes eventually, but since they’re currently sharing a room it’s a little tight on space upstairs. This is a good landing spot, between our front entrance and living room, giving us storage for extra jackets and shoes, etc. You can never really have enough storage when you have kids, can you?!

Life in the Living Room



I thought that I should show you a section of our house that may be changing soon! Our living room is the first thing you see when you enter our 1800 sq.ft. home. We do a lot of living in here, so we try to keep it warm and casual, but it has been largely ignored while we’ve been doing renos in other parts of the house. See the artwork in the picture above? That was done by my amazingly talented aunt. I love how her large paintings fill our home with warmth.

Our armoire stores our second tv, stereo for the kids, and Wii console. Large baskets in the bottom hold the accessories that come with it all! It’s invaluable to have a second area for the kids that I can close the door on at the end of the day. And the large basket to the right of the armoire makes for easy clean up of all the trains and tracks.

Vintage suitcases are so much fun to store toys in. I want to find at least one more of these, so let me know if you’ve seen one somewhere!!



The two images above show the wall that has bugged me since we moved in. The rather ugly stone, super teeny tiny mantle, and large expanse of empty wall, etc. This is one of those projects that I had planned to tackle the moment the keys were in our hands… but other renovations keep being prioritized above it. I think this is going to be the year!

I threw this together in Photoshop so you can see what’s in my head for this side of the room. I’m thinking of adding some visual texture with wood trim, painting the whole space white, and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace. And a CHANDELIER!!! I’m very excited about the whole thing! What do you think? I’m imagining 1″ wood strips from floor to ceiling to give the look of board and batten siding without the expense of cladding the whole wall in wide wooden planks. Save some money for built in bookshelves or either side down the road! LOL. Any suggestions? Tips? Have you ever mimicked exterior siding inside your home?

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design




The boys and I spent this afternoon dancing and singing to Bedouin Soundclash while making cookie dough. It was a rare moment of perfection. I savored every laugh, jump, hug, and squeal. Before we started I typed in “Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies” into Google, and these cookies by Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef were the ones that called my name. The recipe was featured on Oprah.com a couple of years back, and is the gluten free version of David Leite’s famous cookies. How can I go wrong? Well, I now have a large batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge. Waiting. You see, it seems I missed the part where the cookie dough needs to be chilled for 36 HOURS!!! Oops. Talk about delayed gratification….  but then again… maybe not.

UPDATE: Those were some really good cookies, and one of my favorite recent memories.

Photo Credit: Rosa Pearson Design


Garage Sale Countdown



It’s been a busy week around here! There is a City Wide Garage Sale that happens in our neighborhood once a year, and Saturday is that day! My neighbor, Jamie, and I decided to rally the neighbors and get a block wide garage sale set up in the middle of our cul de sac. We’ve got a party tent to set up, so even if it’s raining we can still go ahead. I made this 5′ tall sign out of plastic corrugate that was leftover from installing the kitchen appliances… I don’t think anyone will miss the sign as they drive by, do you? ; )

My favorite part of the plan is that all the MEN on our street are going to take charge of the sale for an hour each, so if you pop by and don’t see me, rest assured I’m out hunting for deals myself!

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!!

PS – I’ve made some progress on the Master Bedroom lately. I’m so excited to share that with you next week!

Design Portfolio: Coming Soon



I’m going to start adding design jobs from my portfolio of work into a new Portfolio section over the next couple of weeks. For those of you who are searching this blog to get an idea of my graphic design work, you can check out the Portfolio section… COMING SOON!

Hip Hip… Hooray!!



What an exciting start to the week! I won my first ever blog giveaway!!!! Jennifer, over at Rambling Renovators was giving away a Sarah Richardson Designer Palette fan deck by PARA Paints, signed by Sarah and Tommy!! As you know from past posts, I’m a big fan of this design duo! I can’t wait to check out the chip for this “Perfect Grey“. Thanks so much Jennifer, you made my day!!

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