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Type Tuesday: Coming Up Yellow



Maybe it’s the sunny weather we’re having, or just the fact that yellow is such a great accent colour for the ever popular grey, but everywhere I look I’m seeing yellow. How about you? Are you a fan of yellow too?

I want this poster for my man. It’s his as soon as Johnny&Stacie relist it!

I don’t like gin, but I like this fun print from Etsy seller dearcolleen.

We all know someone that rocks socks with sandals! I’ll resist the urge to give this card to my dad… don’t want to jeopardize future woodwork projects!

Type Tuesday: Like, totally…



It’s the little things that make me happy. For instance, before today I didn’t know how to embed a video into a post!! Yes. Laugh if you will. I’m really quite excited to add that to my bag of tricks! Spoken word and typography, perfect! Thanks for the link Jessica!

Type Tuesday: Numbered Chairs



Type Tuesday is a little closer to home today! These chairs were made by my granddad for us grandkids when we were little (the table is used elsewhere in our house), so I was happy to scoop them up from my parents when the boys were born. After a coat of paint, and adding some numbers (with a Sharpie marker!), they currently line the back of the couch that separates our kitchen eating area and family room. As the chairs have been used over the years, the Sharpie’d numbers have aged nicely so that they look like they’ve always been there. And, if I wanted to make them look crisp and new, I’d just have to color them in again!

Photo Credit: Rosa Pearson Design

Type Tuesday: Part 2



Have you ever put together a blog post, published it, only THEN to find the rest of the pictures that you were looking for? Well, that’s what happened to me last week on Type Tuesday. So, instead of letting all the excess eye candy go to waste, I’m going to go Part 2 on you! Don’t you love the feel of these pictures? I adore the rough, aged look of these letters… and that brick wall in the first picture is perfection! I could happily move right in!

Photo Credits: Roland Persson via Desire To Inspire, Yvonne Bauer via Decor8, Little Blue Deer via The Beautiful Soup

Type Tuesday: Decorating with Type



I love the look of chunky vintage letters on display. I know that I’m in the house of a kindred spirit when I come across random type hidden on a shelf or leaning against the wall. The last time I was in NYC, I found an enormous, vintage red letter G at Paula Rubenstein, a store for all things fabulously worn. Had I been able to fit it on the plane home I would have probably named my first born something that started with a G, just to feature the letter on his nursery wall. Well, maybe not, but you get what I’m saying.

Photo Credits: Pewter + Sage, kitschcafe via sfgirlbybay, Michelle Mason via Design*Sponge, Restored Style.

Type Tuesday: Paper Cutting



Kate Forrester‘s work first caught my eye with her Christmas campaign for John Lewis, but more recently I’m loving her screen printed “My Home is Nowhere Without You” poster design. Check out her blog for more of her amazing talent.

Julene Harrison is another paper artist I adore who’s work was recently featured in Computer Arts Projects magazine! What a great gift idea for a first wedding anniversary – made with paper! Wish I’d thought of that oh so many years ago!! There are so many more of her wonderful designs to see on her blog, Made by Julene!

I happily discovered graphic designer Helen Foers’ beautiful paper cut cards recently on her Etsy shop Storeyshop. Love the simple, bold designs. And she’s got a blog too!

A big thanks to all these super friendly ladies for allowing me to share their talents! What do you think? Does it inspire you to get out an x-acto knife? I think I just may…

Images: Kate Forrester, Julene Harrison, Helen Foers.

Type Tuesday: Kids Room Posters



This is the room the boys are currently sharing while we reno the little one’s bedroom. It’s a mish-mash of Ikea and hand me down furniture. All that will be changing down the road. We’ve been advised by our oldest that the alphabet poster (wrapping paper that I bought from a cute little store in Bellevue, WA and framed a couple of years ago) is no longer needed since he knows his letters. So, I’m thinking about replacement posters that will bring some typography to the mix, and a less juvenile feeling to the room. Here are some that I’ve liked for a while:

Matteo Civaschi, H-57 Creative Station via Heartfish Press

Bold & Noble (They have so many beautiful prints!!)

Have you seen any posters that you love lately? Any favorites? Maybe I’ll have to design a poster for their room myself…. hmm??

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