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Bedroom Door Initials



I was given these letters at one of my baby showers for the wall of our nursery. I loved that they spelled baby in French, a reminder of our stay in France. They were up in the nursery of our first home, but never made it onto the wall after we moved into house #2… and now the boys aren’t even close to being babies anymore, so I really can’t hang them now, can I! And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to give them away!

My scroll saw savvy dad helped me change the e into a c! Thank you dad!!

And then I enlisted the boys to choose a color, and paint their letter. The b got a light grey, and the c got a coat red… and then navy.

What do you think? It adds a little interest to the plain slab doors, don’t you think? The boys are so excited about their “new” doors!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design

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Type Tuesday: Part 2



Have you ever put together a blog post, published it, only THEN to find the rest of the pictures that you were looking for? Well, that’s what happened to me last week on Type Tuesday. So, instead of letting all the excess eye candy go to waste, I’m going to go Part 2 on you! Don’t you love the feel of these pictures? I adore the rough, aged look of these letters… and that brick wall in the first picture is perfection! I could happily move right in!

Photo Credits: Roland Persson via Desire To Inspire, Yvonne Bauer via Decor8, Little Blue Deer via The Beautiful Soup

Home Sweet Home



There was a happy little display of white grape hyacinths outside of my grocery store yesterday. The purple variety grow naturally in our garden like weeds during the warmer months, but they won’t be making an appearance for a while. So for only $2 I couldn’t resist bringing one home! They smell so good!! I’m going to go and pick up two more so I can fill my windowsill with them… and my house with more of this wonderful sweet smell!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design

Spring Break, Spring Cleaning!



I hope all of you are enjoying your Spring Break so far!

We’re wrapping up our first week of Spring Break at our house, and making plans with friends for our second! The weather here is back to rain today, so it’s the perfect day to squeeze in some scrubbing…

I started wondering what chemicals were in our cleaning products around the time my first was born. I searched online, trying to find a cleaning spray that I could make myself, and this one caught my eye. It’s so easy to throw some together! This recipe works well on counters, toilets, floors, etc. I love that the vinegar and essential oils are all I smell when I’m done – and it’s safe for all of us! My cleaner (back when I had one!) even asked for the recipe so she could use it for her other clients!! So, for those of you that were asking me for the recipe, here you go! (And at the risk of sounding totally granola, I even have a recipe for laundry detergent if anyone is so inclined! LOL)

Cleaning Spray:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 2 tsp borax
  • 32 oz hot water
  • 20 drops essential oil (optional, I use Orange Oil, or Lemon)
  • 1/4 cup liquid dish soap (add last)

Mix in a 32 oz spray bottle.

If you know that you’re never going to make your own cleaning products, but are thinking about trading in your current ones, go check out Every Little Bit. Two of my friends started this company a couple of years ago, and they can hook you up with non toxic cleaners, and just about any other green option that you might be looking for!

How about you? Do you have any dirty little cleaning secrets?

Photo Credit: Leigh Prather for veer.com

Soapstone Plaques



Now that my parents are empty nesters, their visits are often accompanied by bags containing random small items that they are trying to purge. Living in an 1800 sq.ft home has made me a ruthless declutterer (unfortunately this is not apparent from the state of our house most days!), so usually I tell them that they should just recycle or donate the items. But these two pieces from my mom’s most recent pile caught my eye. I think these tiny soapstone carvings by Canadian artist Al Wolf are perfect for the boys room! They would look great in a shadow box of some sort, or even just hanging on the wall!

Type Tuesday: Decorating with Type



I love the look of chunky vintage letters on display. I know that I’m in the house of a kindred spirit when I come across random type hidden on a shelf or leaning against the wall. The last time I was in NYC, I found an enormous, vintage red letter G at Paula Rubenstein, a store for all things fabulously worn. Had I been able to fit it on the plane home I would have probably named my first born something that started with a G, just to feature the letter on his nursery wall. Well, maybe not, but you get what I’m saying.

Photo Credits: Pewter + Sage, kitschcafe via sfgirlbybay, Michelle Mason via Design*Sponge, Restored Style.

Etsy Find: Ono Designs Maui



Before we left for our holiday to Maui, I did my research on gluten-free friendly places to eat, and treat! One of the hot spots on my radar was Ono Gelato. Turns out that they make the best gelato ever! While we sat and indulged in the gelato and air conditioning, some other items caught my eye. Aprons and bags in beautiful colors and designs were tempting me from the back wall. I was told that the owner (originally from Victoria) makes all of them and sells them on her Etsy store, Ono Designs Maui! I bought the turquoise sling bag that was calling my name, and I’m hoping that the warm, cheery pattern will bring a little spring to the Westcoast here very soon!

Type Tuesday: Paper Cutting



Kate Forrester‘s work first caught my eye with her Christmas campaign for John Lewis, but more recently I’m loving her screen printed “My Home is Nowhere Without You” poster design. Check out her blog for more of her amazing talent.

Julene Harrison is another paper artist I adore who’s work was recently featured in Computer Arts Projects magazine! What a great gift idea for a first wedding anniversary – made with paper! Wish I’d thought of that oh so many years ago!! There are so many more of her wonderful designs to see on her blog, Made by Julene!

I happily discovered graphic designer Helen Foers’ beautiful paper cut cards recently on her Etsy shop Storeyshop. Love the simple, bold designs. And she’s got a blog too!

A big thanks to all these super friendly ladies for allowing me to share their talents! What do you think? Does it inspire you to get out an x-acto knife? I think I just may…

Images: Kate Forrester, Julene Harrison, Helen Foers.

Holiday in Maui



Sorry for the long delay in posting, but the boys and I were away in Maui soaking up some sun! Sneaky, I know. ; ) I didn’t check email for the first four days of our holiday (oh, the luxury!) and enjoyed the rest. This is the first time I have ever flown somewhere warm during the grey months of winter, and I would happily pick another warm destination again next winter.

That said, I could have lived without the tsunami sirens and hotel alarms sparking panic throughout our final sleepless night. And packing at 2am, while the floors below us evacuated… that, I hope to never experience again. I think I perfected my praying skills that night. We are so thankful to be back home safe and sound. I actually felt guilty as we flew back home, because my heart goes out to the people that don’t have the option to leave the horrific situation in Tokyo right now.




Thought I’d let you know that I haven’t disappeared, I’m just taking a much needed rest. I’ll resume posting next week!

In the meantime:

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