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  • Bonita

    where did you find the wool yarn like that in the illustration on how to make the juju hat

  • Hein


    i have a question about the food colloring art what do you mean with food coloring? you write ad milk and food coloring and dish wash soap. but i dont know what food coloring is.

  • Gwen


    Just wanted to tell you the blog is lovely, however, the yellow print is unreadable for me. If you’re over 60 — things get more difficult to see.

    Don’t mean to complain, just disappointed, because I know you put so much work into it and I really wanted to read everything!

    Thank you!

  • Julie

    Tried this with 2% milk and it didn’t work. The first drop had a little movement. Maybe whole milk works better? :/

    • Rosa

      Hi Julie! I think it probably had more to do with the soap than with the milk. Anytime I’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked it was because I was using a natural or environmentally friendly dish soap. The stronger soaps seem to have a better reaction.

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