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Super Spy Party Time




We celebrated a very special little boy this weekend! Our baby turned 6! If you follow along then you’ve already seen all the prep and the invitation. This post is about all the fun and games that ensued once the kids showed up! Which, of course, is what it’s all about! It’s definitely not about my mad cake decorating skills! Ha! Any cake professionals out there, please avert your eyes. As you can see I opted to take the same approach as I did on the last cake I made, cutting shapes out of wax paper and shaking some icing sugar over top to make a design that matches the party theme. Dirt simple. No shame. At the end of the day the cake tasted just as good.


When the children arrived they received their super spy attire, consisting of a peel-and-stick mustache and a black hat. To make sure no imposters had made it through the door they were all asked to head straight to the table for fingerprinting… which they all thought was pretty cool. Then they played a game of “don’t let the bomb touch the floor or it will explode” (aka, work together to keep the black balloon in the air). It really doesn’t take much to get a group of six year old boys excited. The party favourite was an idea that is making its rounds on Pinterest, the “laser beam” obstacle course (aka, red neon twine). The boys were so excited to try and make it up the staircase without touching the laser beams.

Laser Beams


I think that covers the highlights! Older brother has announced that he liked this party so much that he wants a complete redo for his birthday in the Fall. Sounds good to me!

Have a good week!

Super Spy Party Preparations



Spy PartyGift Bag

Spy Notebooks

How was your weekend? I was busy getting organized for the big birthday party that’s coming up this week! We are now well stocked with spy hats and mustaches for the mini-spies arrival. And when it’s time to leave they will all be taking home an “evidence bag” which will include Top Secret Spy Notebooks sporting labels that I designed to coordinate with the invitations. Also, tubes of M&M’s wrapped in red tissue paper (aka “dynamite”), and some laser finger lights. Now I just need to think about food and games and we’ll be good to go! Oh how I love a good party theme!

I’ve got a busy week ahead, but I’m looking forward to it! How about you?

Super Spy Party Invitations




I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of an extra special design project I’ve been working on lately… birthday party invitations for my little guy! He’ll be six at the end of the month! (Yikes!) The theme for the event, as dictated, will be a Super Spy Birthday Party. Do you see the magnifying glass formed by the shape of the type? Well, you will now! Super Spy take home kits (aka Evidence Bags) are being assembled, games planned and costumes tried on. Bring on the Super Spies!

It’s Good to be Alive



It's Good to be Alive

We wandered in the woods near our house with the boys over the weekend, accompanied by some warm drinks to keep the hands warm. It’s one of our favourite things to do as a family. There is just something wonderful about being surrounded by nature, don’t you think? Towering trees have a way of making worries seem smaller.



Besides running and jumping and balancing on fallen trees in the woods, the boys play a game that they created, called Faces in Places. The game consists of watching for faces in nature, whether natural or man made. Whoever sees the face first shouts “Faces in Places!” Do you see the face that they saw?

How did you spend your weekend? I hope it was a good one!

A Clean Slate



Lisa Leonard Interiors

There is just something about white. Fresh. New. Exactly what I’m looking for this New Year! Which is why we went a little crazy with a can of white paint and a whole bunch of trim over the holidays. It feels so good to rid the walls of the drab beige/taupe color. Of all the changes that I want to make this year, this seemed like a good place to start.

Ever since I saw this photo of Lauren Leonard’s bunkroom (above), I knew that we would be adding some board and batten style trim detail into our house. I didn’t want to cover all the walls with it, just an accent wall seemed like the right amount. I’m loving it! My amazing, hard working hubby deserves an enormous thank you. Seriously. Shout out for you Jason!! The bonus is that he’s super happy with it too. Whew!


Work is still being done caulking, painting, etc, so for now I’m only going to show you this little snippet. And, as with most reno projects… when one things changes, everything is fair game! So, our family room is in store for some major redecorating. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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