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Weekend Wrap Up: He’s 4!



We’re winding down from a beautiful weekend filled with trains. Our sweet little boy turned four this weekend, (I still can’t believe it!!) and he requested a Thomas themed party. What a great third year this has been for him – a year without gluten! Who would have guessed that it could have made such a huge difference to our whole family. Now, if we could just slow this train down for a little while and enjoy every second of this sweetness?

Kids Room Sharing Inspiration



Sarah Richardson

Max & Peter Kater via Young House Love via Apartment Therapy

The boys will soon be sharing a room, however temporarily, so that we can totally renovate their bedrooms. Think ceiling scraping, carpet laying, painting, trim… the whole deal. Can’t wait! I’m sure the union may not be quite as idyllic as the pictures above, but I have high hopes. In the meantime, here are some cool bedrooms for two!

Please let me know if you recognize any of these photos, as I’d love to give credit, but the pics were from before I knew that I’d be sharing them on a blog! Thanks!!

Birds Eye View



Some friends and I recently joked about all of the uses for tiny birds, as we were at a birthday party and the hostess (and birthday girl) had just opened a gift of almost exactly these same birds. Here’s a pretty picture that tops all of our ideas guys… leave it to Martha!

Image: marthastewart.com

Balloon Toons: Adopt a Glurb



This Christmas I wanted to surprise the boys with some books that they hadn’t seen before, so I went searching at the local bookstore to see what caught my eye. I happened upon a collection of books that I instantly knew my oldest son would adore. Balloon Toons, by Blue Apple Books. I bought Adopt a Glurb!, by Elise Gravel (she’s got a very fun blog!). I’m one of those people that judges a book by its cover, probably because as a designer I believe that is an important part of the package! Check out the book design and illustration!! It’s been a huge hit. For all of us. I always find it more enjoyable to read a well designed book, and it looks like my boys do too. I love watching my little reader laugh as he reads this book. He’s growing up so fast! I love that the illustration on the cover looks just like some of the characters that he draws all the time!

How about you? What is your favorite book to read to your kids right now?

Master Bedroom: Update



I’ve made a lot of headway on the master bedroom this week. So, I thought that I would do a progress report to show you how it’s looking so far! I painted the wall behind the bed in Phlox, from the Martha Stewart Living line of paint that’s now available at Home Depot. In this picture the wall looks really, really gray, but it’s just that the rainy and gray skies here make for grey pictures. I wanted the wall color to tie into the subtle pop of color from the Lavender Rose Pillow that I found at Pier 1. I love how the pillow is so soft and beautiful against all the grey bedding! For the bedding, I bought three separate sets, the patterned Soho Living duvet and pillows, and the Hillcrest velvet-feel euro shams and the Winston Thomas quilt that drapes across the foot of the bed. Together, I think they really work! Progress on the rest of the room will start tomorrow when my fabulous Craigslist buyer picks up those massive wardrobes. I’m still on the hunt for bedside table lamps, and the perfect rug, and I’ve got an idea for a painting above the bed that I’ll be working on too! Hello weekend!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions for bedside table lamps? Or favorite stores for lighting?

Updating the Master Bedroom



This is the listing picture that shows what our master bedroom looked like when the previous owners lived here. Not horrible, but the cheap laminate and overpowering red wall really need to go… or at least be covered up with some paint and a rug! I discovered new bedding for our master bedroom over the weekend, and so this project now ranks higher than the mud room. At long last I found THE bedding that I’ve been waiting for… to replace the mistake bedding that could not be returned. Let the games begin!

My friend Heather and I attacked a bunch of the newer stores and outlets near her on Friday night, and it is always trouble/fabulous when we shop together!! I can’t wait to lay it out and do the big reveal for you all! I’ve been putting off showing any before pictures of rooms in my house that I haven’t finished yet… the horror of ugly, unfinished rooms hanging out there for the world to see will take some getting used to. So here are some really bad shots (as before pictures should be) of the current issues. (Please don’t judge!!) We’ve really ignored this room for so long it’s embarrassing.

This shows one of the major issues that we currently have. Our enormous antique dresser squished between the window and the closet. Looks awful, I know! And there is room to move it, but the only problem is that the previous owners left these enormous mirrored wardrobes in that space. I think the previous owners REALLY liked mirrors. Time to Craigslist those babies!!

This is our list of to-do’s:

  • New Bedding (check!)
  • New Accent Pillow (check!)
  • Paint over the red wall (check!)
  • Sell mirrored wardrobes on Craigslist
  • Find Curtains
  • New bedside lamps
  • New wooden blinds
  • New dresser
  • Center bed on the wall
  • Buy a rug, for until we carpet the upstairs

I was hoping to have it all done this week… not likely, but worth a try. Wish me luck!!

Fabric Shopping



I got a little break from the action today, thanks to my mother in law, and ran out to Fabricana to check out what’s happening in the world of fabric. I need to make some covers for the pillow inserts that lay naked in a bag hidden in my closet. I fell in love with these fabrics as soon as I saw them and I’m not surprised, since they’re designed by DwellStudio! Turns out that they have teamed up with Robert Allen to produce their beautiful designs and I’m loving them. Now maybe you have known about this for quite some time, but I often ignore things like fabric until I need some. So, it was a great surprise for me!

I’m absolutely loving this new Peacock Azure pillow. It would certainly bring a pop of color on the white slip covers in our family room! Hmm, now if only they had this at the fabric store!

If you’re on the hunt for design inspiration, like me, or want to see the behind the scenes action at DwellStudio then you should check out their blog. Makes me think that it’s been too long since my last visit to NY!

Mudroom Inspiration



Canadian House & Home

Stuart McIntyre

I can’t wait to have a functional mudroom! That is the first project that we’re going to tackle this year. I’ve been saving inspiration pictures for every room in my home into my iPhoto album for years. Now that I’m blogging, it’s fun to be able to share!

Etsy Inspiration: May Day Studio



I’m liking this piece by Etsy seller May Day Studio. It’s fitting with all the grey Vancouver weather we’re having here. I hope the skies are sunnier where you are… maybe send some our way if you can!

In the meantime, here are some links to brighten your day:

– Loving the branch chandelier in these Mountain Style pics.

– For those of you with kids, this Lego stop motion video will entertain.

What’s Up: Sarah 101



I am so excited about watching Sarah Richardson and her sidekick Tommy, this Tuesday night! For those that haven’t yet heard, the new show is called Sarah 101. It’s a design crash course, which for a graphic designer that flirts with interior design, I think will be great!

For Sarah’s House season premieres I have had mini launch parties with girlfriends… and Sarah 101 is no different. Bring on the wine, snacks & chit chat! So, if you’re an avid Sarah fan (and really, who isn’t) or if you just love design, check it out Tuesday night!! Of course, the kids go back to school Tuesday, so there are so many reasons to celebrate! (Just kidding! Kind of.)

Image courtesy of: HGTV

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