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Happy Friday & Wedding Pics



I thought I’d leave you with a picture I took of my sister’s gorgeous wedding bouquet. It’s hard to believe that it was almost a month ago that she got married! And I can’t believe she’ll be moving away in less than a week!

These sweet shots of my beautiful sister Louisa and her husband Steve are from photographer Linda McCague. You can see more here.

Have a great weekend! I’m sure there are many happy brides this weekend with the weather we’ve been having!

Greetings from Whistler



Okay, so we aren’t actually in Whistler anymore, but haven’t we all received postcards from people after they’re already back from holidays. Consider this one of those! 😉

We usually head up to Whistler at least once every year. It’s so beautiful, and it really helps to unwind when you’re surrounded by nature. Between the hotel pool and all the lakes the kids are pretty much swimming the whole time, so they sleep well. I officially love family bike rides that end in everyone jumping off a dock and then drying off in the sun.

How about you? Do you have a spot that you visit for a yearly escape?

Lego + Water



It all started when Ben wanted to play Lego inside, and Cole, outside. I broke the stalemate by introducing a water hose. Lego reached a new level of fun!

If you spray the hose just right it creates some major whirlpool action! The boys had a blast watching their figures whipping around, and taking turns throwing in extra figures. When the tub filled up I watered the plants to empty the tub, and the fun started all over again. By the end of it, everyone was wet, and happy!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend enjoying some summer fun!

Happy Friday!



This is how the back of my juju hat design looks now. It has changed since I first created the tutorial. I love the subtle little face hidden away on the back! For those of you that ordered one this week, thank you!

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!

On a Roll



I have been on the hunt for wool carpet for our youngest’s room for way too long, but I just couldn’t stomach paying $1400 for carpeting ONE bedroom! The idea of continuing the hardwood that runs throughout the rest of the house was a slightly cheaper option, but didn’t seem very cozy for a bedroom and I would still have to buy an area rug.

Finally the search is over! Jason and I were driving past End of the Roll Carpet in Vancouver last week and swerved into the parking lot when we noticed their sign saying that they now stock wool carpet! Good quality, affordable wool carpet! They have made my day!

So, in preparation for the install we need to rip up the existing carpeting, but it’s proving to be no small task. If the previous homeowners are reading, I would just like to say that gluing down carpet is just not cool. We know now why they didn’t renovate this room for thirty years! So, there is a lot of scraping going on upstairs right now thanks to my very hard working hubby! It’s going to look fabulous! And now I can finally move forward with setting up Ben’s bedroom so he can have his own room again!




I have been enjoying moments like this lately. The boys seem to have found their groove after a few weeks of adjusting to being around each other constantly. Their sweetness makes me want to hold onto them tightly with both arms and never let them go. They are growing up so fast it’s kind of hard to believe. The exhaustion of the newborn stage feels like just yesterday! But the reality is that the countdown to both of them being in full time school is on. Seven weeks. I am determined to make the most of these short summer months.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer as well! Have a great weekend!!

Boredom Busters: Banana Tattoos




  1. Trace the banana shape onto paper.
  2. Draw something within that shape.
  3. Cut out the shape and tape it onto the banana.
  4. Use a pin, or thumb tack, to poke the skin of the banana.
  5. Wait. The image will slowly appear, kind of like a Polaroid image.

With the constant rain here on the west coast, I’ve been searching for ideas to keep the kids occupied indoors. This one was great because it kept their attention for at least a half hour, and they would happily do it again with different images!

Thanks to Cindy for the inspiration! I instantly thought, “The kids would LOVE this!” I hope you know someone that might like it too!

And for those of you that want to take it to the next level, check out this video to see some pretty amazing banana tattoos!

Happy Canada Day!



Happy Canada Day to those of us north of the border! I had fun putting together this Canadian flag inspired fruit platter for a party we went to today. I thought I’d quickly pop in to share. I hope you’re enjoying a great long weekend too!

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