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Office Organization: Part Two



I spent a wonderful couple of days south of the border this weekend, “back to school shopping” with Alison. At Target, in with the school supplies, I was thrilled to find new designs by Greenroom! Typographic portfolios to help organize! They remind me of the poster in my office, which I also love.

Before I left I found these metal bulletin board strips for a whopping dollar each! I thought that a coat of white spray paint was just what these needed to blend into the wall of my office. I’m going to use them to display past jobs, future inspiration, and sketches that I’m working from… just need to find some of those tiny little magnets to replace these overpowering bad boys.

The boys are back to school in one week!! I’ve got a lot more to organize than just my office! Time to get on it! Let the countdown begin…

Office Organization: Part One



I have been cleaning up and organizing my tiny office since I painted, and thought it was about time for a close up! I found the yellow ampersand in HomeSense last week, and knew it was coming home with me! The vintage turquoise lamp, and the wooden stamps are all from SpaceLab on Main.

I hope you’re having a good week so far! Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. They made my day!!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson aka FlutterFlutter

Office DIY: Bi-Fold Door Makeover



Do you remember when I mentioned that I was adding a splash of chevron into my studio? Well, it was the interior side of these sad looking bi-fold doors that got some sprucing up! You see, this is the entrance to my “office”. It is actually a 5′ x 9′ former closet space; an amalgamation of a walk-in & linen closet by the previous owners. And, as much as I want to rip these out myself and put in a set of full height french doors, for now, we need to finish off the downstairs. So, in the meantime…


DURING: (someone wanted to be part of the process)


The bold pattern and colour make me smile when I’m working. And, it’s elevated the lowly bi-folds into a working canvas… who knows what will be on there next!

The Big 4-0!



If you’ve wondered why I’ve been blogging less, other than the fact that it’s summer, this is the answer! I have spent all child-free moments planning for the parties that happened here last weekend. On Saturday the family party started early so that the kids could help celebrate Jason’s 40th birthday! And, keeping with tradition, my mom brought one of her delicious homemade birthday cakes.

Saturday evening was a backyard BBQ with good food, friends, and a fire in the firepit! Yes, you can see the finished patio in all it’s glory to the left of Jason, where he sits eagerly awaiting cupcakes by the fire. We still need to landscape, but it’s done!! It was great to have the parties in our backyard to break in the patio!

With Style & Grace, my go-to food blog, was the inspiration behind these Caprese Skewers that I served up as an appy that night. I took the pic before I drizzled on the balsamic, but you get the idea… very yummy, and so pretty!

Today we are celebrating another big 40th! It is my mom & dad’s 40th wedding anniversary!! I made up this card in honor of the big day! Congratulations to you both!!

Type Tuesday: Coming Up Yellow



Maybe it’s the sunny weather we’re having, or just the fact that yellow is such a great accent colour for the ever popular grey, but everywhere I look I’m seeing yellow. How about you? Are you a fan of yellow too?

I want this poster for my man. It’s his as soon as Johnny&Stacie relist it!

I don’t like gin, but I like this fun print from Etsy seller dearcolleen.

We all know someone that rocks socks with sandals! I’ll resist the urge to give this card to my dad… don’t want to jeopardize future woodwork projects!

On Top of the World



We left on Friday for a much needed, spur of the moment, trip up to Whistler. I had almost forgotten how much I love it up there… it had been at least four years! I especially love the roadwork that was done for the Olympics, since it took us just over two hours to get there!

We took the Peak 2 Peak Gondola to have lunch at the Roundhouse Lodge. The food was amazing, and the view, even better! (I pretended not to be scared of heights for the kids! But, wow, that thing takes you HIGH!)

Everywhere you look there are beautiful homes, hotels and condos… even the playgrounds are gorgeous! I picked up a Whistler Real Estate Magazine to flip through while sipping my mocha. It didn’t disappoint, especially when I noticed that the Whistler home I adored in the February 2011 issue of House & Home is now FOR SALE!! A mere $2,150,000. Sure, why not?! Ha! Let the daydream begin…

How about you? Where is your favorite place to head for a weekend away? Have you ever been to Whistler? If so, where is your favorite accommodation?

Interior Design: Lesli Balagno & Joel Trigg

Dick Tracy Birthday Party



We headed out to my friend Heather’s house this weekend to celebrate the birthdays of her two sons, along with her family and friends. Heather and I go way back to junior high, and even went to design school together. It’s always amazing to see what she comes up with! So talented!!

Comic book inspired signage and labels for the take home bags.

She found these edible Dick Tracy wafer papers from this Etsy shop.

And, of course, vintage inspired candy, which my six year old hid, along with a pair of scissors, under his stuffed animals in his bed that night!

And in case that wasn’t enough, she designed an owl cake for her youngest, since they are his favourite! I had to share!

Backyard Project: Patio Demolition



Our backyard is the poster child for this quote! Or, in our case, “Things will likely get messier before they get prettier.” I think the concrete and dirt piles in our backyard illustrate this well!

As you can see, we got a little carried away. We decided that since we were tearing up the backyard already, and would need to get a bin anyways, that we might as well keep on going! So, Jason took out some frustrations with the sledgehammer, and the ugly slab of cement that comprised our small patio is no longer! Win, win situation!

And it didn’t stop there! Next, we thought that if we were putting in a new patio that we should bring it all the way out to the rocks, so bye-bye retaining wall… thanks to our amazing friends and family that helped us out!!

Stay tuned for the big reveal!!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design

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