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On a Roll



I have been on the hunt for wool carpet for our youngest’s room for way too long, but I just couldn’t stomach paying $1400 for carpeting ONE bedroom! The idea of continuing the hardwood that runs throughout the rest of the house was a slightly cheaper option, but didn’t seem very cozy for a bedroom and I would still have to buy an area rug.

Finally the search is over! Jason and I were driving past End of the Roll Carpet in Vancouver last week and swerved into the parking lot when we noticed their sign saying that they now stock wool carpet! Good quality, affordable wool carpet! They have made my day!

So, in preparation for the install we need to rip up the existing carpeting, but it’s proving to be no small task. If the previous homeowners are reading, I would just like to say that gluing down carpet is just not cool. We know now why they didn’t renovate this room for thirty years! So, there is a lot of scraping going on upstairs right now thanks to my very hard working hubby! It’s going to look fabulous! And now I can finally move forward with setting up Ben’s bedroom so he can have his own room again!

Spring Break DIY: Milk Art



Science & Art swirled up into one! This is my favorite project yet, and the last in the series! A huge thank you to Shannon (A Mom’s Year) for suggesting this art project. I was eager to try it, and I’m excited to share it with you!

All you need for this project is the following:

1. A plate  2. Milk (2% or higher)  3. Food Coloring  4. Dish Soap (That’s it!!)

1. Fill the plate with a thin layer of milk. Next, put in drops of food coloring.

2. Then, add a few drops of dish soap into the center of the food coloring, sit back, and watch! (I should mention that I tried this first with eco-friendly dish soap and it didn’t really work, so stick to the hard stuff for this!)

KA-POW! The milk fat instantly reacts to the soap, creating art!

Wow, right?! It will spin for quite a while, and if you add more drops of dish soap into the dark areas of food coloring you can keep the action going for quite a while.

If you want to see milk art in action, you can check out this video that I found:

Looking for more DIY’s to do with kids? Here are some more good ones:

Banana Tattoos / Eyebombing / Make a Volcano / Wire Sculpting

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter), Video Credit: Evie S

Spring Break DIY: Wire Sculpting



At a doctor’s appointment recently, my oldest was entertaining himself with a paperclip, bending it into shapes to pass the time. When we got home I found these images online, and was able to show him examples of amazing things that can be made with wire, skill and some creativity.

Just to give you an idea of age appropriateness, my seven year old was able to make this bone by himself, but my five year old would have needed help if he had been home. Supplies for this DIY project are easy, you just need some thin wire and a pair of pliers! I tried to make a chair and found out that constructing anything three dimensional was harder than I’d imagined. That’s where skill would come in handy! Regardless, it was so much fun to play with a new medium! I’ll definitely try this again!

Here are some of the inspiring pics that got us started – aren’t they amazing!

Artist: Masao Seki Photos copyright FIVE FROM THE GROUND

Spring Break DIY: Make A Volcano



I like projects that are simple and easy to prepare. In my opinion, the set up should not take all day if the enjoyment only lasts ten minutes. This is the easiest volcano you can make, believe me! And kids of all ages like to see things explode! All you need are the following:


1. A tray, or dish, that is large enough to catch all the “lava” that will come out!  2. 1 tablespoon baking soda  3. Red food coloring  4. A can, or plastic cup  5. Paper bag  6. Vinegar


1. Cut halfway up all four sides of the paper bag.
2. Put the paper bag upside down over top of the can or cup.
3. Tear a hole in the top of the bag, above the opening to the cup.
4. Push back the torn edges and tape to the inside of the opening.
5. Fill the cup 3/4 full of the vinegar.
6. Add in a couple drops of food coloring.
7. Have the kids decorate the tray for full effect.
8. Finally, add in the baking soda and watch it go! You can add more baking soda and vinegar to keep the “lava”, and the fun, flowing.

As you can tell from the smiles this activity was a hit! (My oldest is fishing out the Lego Ninjago skeletons that he’d thrown into the volcano as it was exploding… yes, boys will be boys!) I’d definitely do it again!

I hope the Spring Break DIY’s this week help to make any rainy days a lot more fun! I know I’m having fun making them. And there are more to come…!

Spring Break DIY: Eyebombing



I would rather jab my eye with a fork than play Pokemon cards again. Really. Can anyone else relate? Thanks to some quality phone time with a good friend, I know I’m not alone in this. I just needed to change my attitude and step it up a notch… for everyone’s sake! If you’re in the same boat, and are looking for activities that you can do with your kids over Spring Break, or on rainy weekends, I’ve put together some sanity-saving DIY’s this week!

Have you heard of yarn-bombing before? I posted an example of it here… but I’m not a knitter, so I won’t be doing that. When I discovered eyebombing last week, I thought “HOW FUN! The boys would love this!” And I was right! My oldest and I spent a half hour placing eyes strategically throughout the house to surprise his younger sibling. It was really fun for us eye-bombers to watch all the faces being discovered with glee. And, now the younger one is excited to surprise his brother the next time he’s out.

This one’s good for the kid at heart too, don’t you think! I would love to hear what YOUR favorite activities are to do with kids! Oh, and stay tuned for more, because I’m only just getting started!

Photo Credit: Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter)

A Place For Everything



Does anyone else feel the urge to organize? I sure do! My dining room table is a dumping ground for any item without a home. So, my goal this year is to find a home for everything. Things won’t be in their proper place all the time, because with kids that is unrealistic. Heck, for ME it’s unrealistic! But, I’m determined to make use of every inch of this house!

This antique fruit crate is a great addition above the coat rack in the entryway closet. It’s divided into three sections, so gloves, hats, and scarves all have their own spots. And, not having to hunt for a rogue glove among the scarves saves time when we’re trying to run out the door.

Herb pots play double duty as art supply storage next to the kitchen table. The kids take whichever pot they need to the table, and put it back into the empty spot on the tray when they’re done with it. Easy!

With kids comes a lot more books, which I love! But finding homes for all of them where they will still be seen is not always easy. I bought this antique tool box to store some of those books in our family room.

And last, but not least, this is my favorite drawer in our house right now. With the help of Japanese cups and saucers from this fabulous store, and a vintage cutlery holder, I’ve managed to put all the many batteries, tapes, screen cleaners, etc into one organized little spot!

How about you? Are you getting organized too? I’d love to hear if you have any tricks to staying organized!!

PS – I’m linking up to Cottage & Vine’s “Get It Together” Party!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson @ FlutterFlutter

DIY Piggy Bank Bookends



I have always loved the look of white bookends, and animals seem so much cooler in white, don’t they? These images have been floating around in my head for a long time. While I was going through the boys’ toys lately I had an idea for how I might be able to replicate these without spending a penny!

When the boys were young they received quite a few piggy banks as gifts, and many of them are now too babyish for the boys. While I was filling a box with toys to give away I came across these, and I thought that all they really needed was a coat of spray paint to be pretty fantastic bookends! And when they’re filled with coins they’re nice and heavy!

Do you have piggy banks from when your kids were smaller? I’d love to hear if you re-purpose yours!

Photo Credits: 1. Jonathan Adler Whale Bookends, 2. Chapters Indigo Owl Bookends, 3-6 Rosa Pearson.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table



Bodie & Fou (above) and Apartment Therapy (below) featured these beautifully-styled pallet tables, and it was these pics that inspired me to create one for myself.

Backyard construction over the summer left behind three pallets. (My friend Jessica says that they would have been gone in three seconds flat if I lived in East Vancouver.) I live in the suburbs, so there was no demand for them by passersby, just a desire from our neighbours to get them off our front lawn!

The funny thing is that this is as far as I got before my kids claimed it as their stage for performances… so for now I’m going to hold off getting glass cut for the top. For the price of four industrial castor wheels I have a new coffee table, and the boys have a stage! What do you think?

Ignore the post-Thanksgiving styling job… I just can’t bring myself to throw out perfectly good gourds quite yet when they’re so pretty!

Office Organization: Part Two



I spent a wonderful couple of days south of the border this weekend, “back to school shopping” with Alison. At Target, in with the school supplies, I was thrilled to find new designs by Greenroom! Typographic portfolios to help organize! They remind me of the poster in my office, which I also love.

Before I left I found these metal bulletin board strips for a whopping dollar each! I thought that a coat of white spray paint was just what these needed to blend into the wall of my office. I’m going to use them to display past jobs, future inspiration, and sketches that I’m working from… just need to find some of those tiny little magnets to replace these overpowering bad boys.

The boys are back to school in one week!! I’ve got a lot more to organize than just my office! Time to get on it! Let the countdown begin…

Office DIY: Bi-Fold Door Makeover



Do you remember when I mentioned that I was adding a splash of chevron into my studio? Well, it was the interior side of these sad looking bi-fold doors that got some sprucing up! You see, this is the entrance to my “office”. It is actually a 5′ x 9′ former closet space; an amalgamation of a walk-in & linen closet by the previous owners. And, as much as I want to rip these out myself and put in a set of full height french doors, for now, we need to finish off the downstairs. So, in the meantime…


DURING: (someone wanted to be part of the process)


The bold pattern and colour make me smile when I’m working. And, it’s elevated the lowly bi-folds into a working canvas… who knows what will be on there next!

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