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Ho Ho Holidays Are Here!



Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? I know! This time of year seems to sneak up fast! Some of my friends are done shopping and have their tree up already… I am NOT that organized. But I am looking forward to setting up our (fake) tree and decorating this coming weekend. It doesn’t feel right to me to decorate before December 1st. How about you?

I am excited to share that we are also gearing up for the holiday season in the shop! Head over to Ink Paper Love to see the new designs as they roll out! First up is this modern take on the sounds of Christmas; minimalist designs available as downloadable prints, either Ho Ho Ho or Fa La La, and cards or gift tags. I have the prints hanging in my dining room, and I’m loving the simple holiday feel they bring to the space!

Head over the Ink Paper Love now to grab some of these for yourself!

Photography by: Breather from Unsplash // Rosa Pearson // Freddy Castro  from Unsplash

Penguins, Pandas & Polar Bears, Oh My!




There are a lot of exciting changes happening around here! Flutter Flutter, both this blog and our Etsy shop, are both now Ink Paper Love. Along with a new brand comes new designs! There are now pandas, polar bears, and penguins hanging out in the shop.



All of these modern art prints are also available in printable birthday party invitations, thank you cards, and party banners. Pop on over to Ink Paper Love on Etsy and you can see the rest of the new designs as they’re unrolled!

Ampersand Animals on Etsy




I hope you enjoyed a beautiful weekend! The rain is back here in Vancouver, and I have to admit that I’m kind of glad to see it! You see, it means I get a bit of a break from driving to baseball games and practices every night! I’ve got a busy week ahead with work, so a little less juggling will make the evenings easier. And, I’ve been invited to tour West Elm’s new Summer Collection on Wednesday, so I might share some of my favorites with you later in the week.


I also wanted to let you know that there are now more Ampersand Animals running wild in the shop! They have been really fun to work on. I have lots still to list, so keep watch if you’re waiting for your favorite animal to appear. Or better yet, let me know if you have a fave animal and maybe I’ll work on that next! Which one is your favorite so far?

I hope that Monday is kind to you. Happy week ahead!

Mudroom Progress




I am a huge fan of Jessica Helgerson, the interior designer of this beautiful home. Our family room has the same cathedral ceilings, and this picture is one of the many that makes me want to run wild and paint our cedar ceilings white. It’s also the reason I started hunting for a demijohn vase like the two on the floor. I’m happy to say that I found one when Heather and I went shopping at Spruce Collective! Now if only I had a tree that could spare a limb…


In other exciting news, in between my boys’ baseball games the much ignored mudroom has finally been getting some attention! I spent some time on Saturday sewing a seat cushion for this bench. I feel like my mom when I’m sewing. All of my latent skills come from her. I’m not finished yet, but it is looking SO good! Can’t wait to have some finished pictures for you!

And no, the door isn’t dirty, it’d just been painted here and the plastic hadn’t been removed from the glass yet. I adore the new door too, by the way. Our mudroom/laundry room is off of the garage and has no windows, so the glass has made such a difference in the amount of light in the room!

How about you? What were you up to this weekend? Happy week ahead!

Ampersand Animals: Snake




Who knew that Giddy Up would be such a great font for an ampersand / snake combination! I overcame my fear of snakes to make this limbless little guy. A huge thank you to everyone who sent such positive comments my way on the flamingo ampersand yesterday! You made my day!

I Choose You




I CHOOSE YOU. I have had these three simple words on my mind for months now. Uppercase Magazine inspired me to pick up a pen and play around with hand lettering the words, which was so much fun. Those professional hand letterers make it look so easy, but I think I’d have to practice for years to achieve their effortless look. Then I played around in Illustrator, with fonts and colours and shapes, and printed one to hang on my office cork board. I’m a visual person, so that’s what I do when words won’t leave my mind. What do you do?

I Choose You

This one is my favourite. Two separate fonts overlapping to create something more dynamic than either font on its own, yet still retaining their own unique character. Kind of like relationships, don’t you think? And do you see how the two o’s merge to create the infinity circle? That’s my favorite part.

Speaking of my favourite things… this is my eighteenth Valentine’s Day with Jason! It’s hard to believe that I’ve known Jason for 21 years! We met at a friend’s church youth group when I was only 14. He was twenty, sarcastic, fun loving, and one of the youth leaders. (I know! The scandal of it all!) I told my junior high girlfriends that this was the man I was going to marry, but that he just didn’t know it yet. And he didn’t. But I knew, and I knew he’d figure it out eventually. He finally asked me out when I was 17. And the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been married for nearly 15 years now, and I would choose him again in a heartbeat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Super Spy Party Invitations




I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of an extra special design project I’ve been working on lately… birthday party invitations for my little guy! He’ll be six at the end of the month! (Yikes!) The theme for the event, as dictated, will be a Super Spy Birthday Party. Do you see the magnifying glass formed by the shape of the type? Well, you will now! Super Spy take home kits (aka Evidence Bags) are being assembled, games planned and costumes tried on. Bring on the Super Spies!

IDSwest Opening Night



I had such an amazing time checking out IDSwest with some of my blogging friends on opening night. I have so many pictures to show you, but for now I just have to share the star of the show… this amazing kitchen was the Aya Kitchens booth, designed by Kelly Deck Design.

Isn’t it fabulous! You should have seen the amount of people swarming the booth all night! I’m back to the show today to check out Tommy (he’s kind of like Madonna to us design lovers, you only need to say his first name!) Smythe, Suzanne Dimma, and Mark Challen’s presentations. And I can’t wait for the party afterwards!

If you were thinking about heading down to check it out I highly recommend it! IDSwest is bigger and better this year than I’ve ever seen it. I’d love to hear what your favorite part of the show is!

Enjoy your weekend y’all!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design

Rachel Barkman Photography



I thought I’d share a design project that I worked on recently for photographer Rachel Barkman. Rachel is such a talented lady! You might remember the post I did about the photo shoot she did for us? She recently got married and needed some business cards designed with a new look for her new name. I thought it would be fun if she had multiple cards showcasing the variety of her work, and then could give her clients a business card tailored to their needs!

Check out more of her new look over on her site! And enter to win a photo shoot while you’re there! Or, if you’re interested in graphic design services you can see more of my work at Rosa Pearson Design.

Free Time



So just to be clear, my mother would NEVER say WTF. In fact, I never say it. Well, at least not the abbreviated version, and usually not out loud. But, when I realized that WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook created this awesome acronym it was too good to pass up. And, of course, Pinterest really had to be invited to the party too. Who can resist a little social media pun to start the weekend off with a laugh, no?

Have a great weekend! It’s a long weekend here, and I plan to enjoy!

PS – I really do try not to swear, so please don’t send hate mail. Let’s just call this my one free pass, okay? 😉

PPS – If anyone from WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest does not find this amusing, please know that I love you all, and if my mom could/wanted to turn on a computer she probably would too.

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