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Robot Themed Party



I have to share some pictures of the adorable robot-themed birthday party we went to last weekend. Our fabulous neighbors are responsible for all of this cool stuff. So, if you’re trying to find some ideas for a child’s party, read on!

After that amazing cake, I think my favorite part was the giant robot built for a game of toss. The colored circles are taped onto the back of the plywood robot frame so that they break when the ball hits the center. Pretty great idea!

All the kids had a blast creating their own robots with the help of the adults. All you need is some empty tin cans and supplies from the dollar store. And magnets came in handy to stick on the bolts.

And no party is complete without a pinata, right?! This homemade pinata was amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t think to move the sunscreen out of the way for the shot. Ha!

My oldest son’s birthday is coming up next month, and this has inspired me to get going on the planning for it! But first I need to focus on the weekend ahead… so many exciting plans! Have a great weekend!

Tech Candy iPhone Case



I’ve been getting so many comments of my new Tech Candy iPhone case (a birthday gift, thanks Heather!) that I thought I’d share it with you! The set came with two different colours of soft shells, and the white hard shell switches between either one. Isn’t it great! It kind of reminds me of  those furniture O’verlays, don’t you think?

And there are other styles and colours available – I like this pattern too!

Do you have a cel phone case that you love? Where did you find yours?

Milk Art: Take Two



Inquiring minds want to know! My Milk Art post brought many questions about whether or not I’d attempted to transfer the effect onto paper. I hadn’t, but since I would happily repeat this one, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Well, here is your answer… it does NOT work. Not well at least. All the detail and vibrancy is lost as soon as the paper touches down, and that really is the best part. If you are looking to make this into long lasting art I would suggest that taking a picture is your best bet.

Indigo Fall Holiday Preview



I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with other media people at Indigo’s Fall Holiday Preview at the Cactus Club Cafe today. Would you like a sneak peak at what’s to come? Well, here you go!

Someone did an amazing job styling all the beautiful items on display! I’d love it if they’d come hang out at my house and work their magic. 😉

And guest of honor, Chef Feenie, he kept us nibbling on his wonderful creations as we wandered around. He was kind enough to pose for a picture with his new cookbook, Rob Feenie’s Casual Classics, Everyday Recipes for Family and Friends. I’m looking forward to making his Leek, Tomato and Garlic soup!

It feels good to blog about the upcoming holiday season in the middle of a heat wave… somehow I feel a little bit cooler now. 😉

PS – If you follow me on Twitter you’ve already seen my other #IndigoFaves!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson

Heat Wave



We are having a nice run of warm weather here in Vancouver lately, and our fans have come in handy at nighttime. I even took this Sea-breeze off the shelf to do more than just look pretty! Don’t you just love vintage fans! But, I do wonder about the old wiring. Do you need to replace wiring if it still works? It seems that Sarah Richardson has every vintage light that she touches rewired, and I’m wondering if there is some unwritten rule about electrical expiration dates? Are there any electricians reading this? Any interior designers with a source for rewiring? I’d love to know!

Serena Mitnik-Miller



I have had lots of comments lately from readers wanting to take my milk art tutorial one step further and transfer it onto paper somehow. When I saw this painting by San Fransisco artist  Serena Mitnik-Miller I thought that maybe, just maybe, it might look something like this. Seriously, I know there is no way. But now I have to try – I’ll let you know how it goes! In the meantime I’ll leave you with some more of her beautiful paintings.

Aren’t they wonderful! I would love to visit Serena’s studio one day and see how she creates these amazing paintings!

via Black*Eiffel

Free Time



So just to be clear, my mother would NEVER say WTF. In fact, I never say it. Well, at least not the abbreviated version, and usually not out loud. But, when I realized that WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook created this awesome acronym it was too good to pass up. And, of course, Pinterest really had to be invited to the party too. Who can resist a little social media pun to start the weekend off with a laugh, no?

Have a great weekend! It’s a long weekend here, and I plan to enjoy!

PS – I really do try not to swear, so please don’t send hate mail. Let’s just call this my one free pass, okay? 😉

PPS – If anyone from WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest does not find this amusing, please know that I love you all, and if my mom could/wanted to turn on a computer she probably would too.

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