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Panda Themed Birthday Party



Panda Party

Does anyone else have a panda lover in their house? My youngest has been crazy obsessed lately! He requested a Panda-themed birthday party this year, and since he’s not going to be cool with themed parties for much longer you can believe that I was going to run with this! So, with a little help from a perfectly timed release of the Kung Fu Panda 3 movie and some jelly beans, I was able to pull it off.

I am not at all gifted with baking skills, so I always try to keep things pretty simple. I searched Pinterest for inspiration, and found lots of panda faces made of chocolate chips or fondant icing (heck no!). Basic icing and some carefully placed jelly beans work for me! I love how the curve of the jelly beans totally mimics panda eyes and ears! How has that idea not made it’s way to Pinterest already! You’re welcome people!

And, of course, what birthday party is complete without an invitation? This little heart-nosed panda invitation is now listed in the shop here so you can put together your own panda party!

Blogger Party Behind the Scenes




I thought I’d start the week off with some exciting news! (exciting for me at least!) I was invited to attend a party in this beautiful backyard last year, and the party has made its way into this months (May issue) of Style at Home Magazine! I didn’t want to say anything until I had a copy of the magazine in my hands and saw it for myself, and now that I have I thought I’d share some behind the scenes pictures of the night that you won’t see in the magazine… so here goes!


I’ve been to many parties since starting my blog, between media events and blogger meet ups, but this one will forever be a highlight. My friend Tracey Ayton is the amazing photographer behind all the photos for the article, and she also happens to be the owner of this lovely home! Our friend, and talented interior designer, Karla Amadatsu styled the backyard for the event and cooked up an amazing meal for all of us to enjoy. It was a beautiful evening, thanks to all their hard work, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures on the sly with my iPhone at the end of the evening just to capture the moment.


You can see Danielle, Karla, Victoria, Stephanie and Andrea in the pictures above, but also at the event were Barbara, Lily, Sheila, Carol, Colleen, Sari, Amanda, Michelle, and Nancy. An amazing group of talented women, that I’m happy to call friends.

Photo Credits: Top (cover) & Middle, Tracey Ayton. Bottom two, Rosa Pearson.

Super Spy Party Time




We celebrated a very special little boy this weekend! Our baby turned 6! If you follow along then you’ve already seen all the prep and the invitation. This post is about all the fun and games that ensued once the kids showed up! Which, of course, is what it’s all about! It’s definitely not about my mad cake decorating skills! Ha! Any cake professionals out there, please avert your eyes. As you can see I opted to take the same approach as I did on the last cake I made, cutting shapes out of wax paper and shaking some icing sugar over top to make a design that matches the party theme. Dirt simple. No shame. At the end of the day the cake tasted just as good.


When the children arrived they received their super spy attire, consisting of a peel-and-stick mustache and a black hat. To make sure no imposters had made it through the door they were all asked to head straight to the table for fingerprinting… which they all thought was pretty cool. Then they played a game of “don’t let the bomb touch the floor or it will explode” (aka, work together to keep the black balloon in the air). It really doesn’t take much to get a group of six year old boys excited. The party favourite was an idea that is making its rounds on Pinterest, the “laser beam” obstacle course (aka, red neon twine). The boys were so excited to try and make it up the staircase without touching the laser beams.

Laser Beams


I think that covers the highlights! Older brother has announced that he liked this party so much that he wants a complete redo for his birthday in the Fall. Sounds good to me!

Have a good week!

Super Spy Party Preparations



Spy PartyGift Bag

Spy Notebooks

How was your weekend? I was busy getting organized for the big birthday party that’s coming up this week! We are now well stocked with spy hats and mustaches for the mini-spies arrival. And when it’s time to leave they will all be taking home an “evidence bag” which will include Top Secret Spy Notebooks sporting labels that I designed to coordinate with the invitations. Also, tubes of M&M’s wrapped in red tissue paper (aka “dynamite”), and some laser finger lights. Now I just need to think about food and games and we’ll be good to go! Oh how I love a good party theme!

I’ve got a busy week ahead, but I’m looking forward to it! How about you?

Blend 2012



We’re in the middle of a fabulous sunny long weekend here in Vancouver. Our first Thanksgiving dinner was last night, and there’s another one tonight! So, since I’m still busy enjoying this weekend, I thought in the meantime I’d share some excitement from last weekend!

The St. Regis Hotel was the location for our annual Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West event this year, Blend 2012. If you don’t remember my post about the event last year, it is basically an amazing party full of inspiring bloggers from all across the west coast of Canada. I was able to chat with special guests Mark Challen and Suzanne Dimma (Canadian House & Home), and was thrilled that Tommy Smythe was able to join us this year! A huge shout out to the amazing chef who made the night complete when he told me that 80% of the spread was gluten free, and brought me chocolate cake that I could eat! And, of course, a very special thank you to IKEA for sponsoring our event once again!!

Photo Credits: My iPhone (taken by ?), St Regis Hotel, Michelle Gadd.

Birthday Weekend



What a weekend! It’s hard to believe, but our oldest turned eight! Baking is not my thing, but I needed a gluten free cake and had the mix on hand, so I thought I’d give it a shot this year. I used his love for baseball as the starting point for the cake decorating… just added some icing sugar and m&m’s! And, do you notice that the two balls are touching so that it creates a subtle 8 shape?!! Yeah, maybe it’s not super obvious, but I love that it’s there.

The take home gifts this year were water guns, because we’ve had such great weather this September! I handed one out to everyone as they walked in the door, and then sent them to the backyard for “target practice”, which consisted of two saw horses and a 2×4 lined with empty containers. This was a HUGE hit! If you’re looking for game ideas for older boys, I highly recommend this!

I hope you had a good weekend too! What did you get up to?

Robot Themed Party



I have to share some pictures of the adorable robot-themed birthday party we went to last weekend. Our fabulous neighbors are responsible for all of this cool stuff. So, if you’re trying to find some ideas for a child’s party, read on!

After that amazing cake, I think my favorite part was the giant robot built for a game of toss. The colored circles are taped onto the back of the plywood robot frame so that they break when the ball hits the center. Pretty great idea!

All the kids had a blast creating their own robots with the help of the adults. All you need is some empty tin cans and supplies from the dollar store. And magnets came in handy to stick on the bolts.

And no party is complete without a pinata, right?! This homemade pinata was amazing! I don’t know why I didn’t think to move the sunscreen out of the way for the shot. Ha!

My oldest son’s birthday is coming up next month, and this has inspired me to get going on the planning for it! But first I need to focus on the weekend ahead… so many exciting plans! Have a great weekend!

Happy Canada Day!



Happy Canada Day to those of us north of the border! I had fun putting together this Canadian flag inspired fruit platter for a party we went to today. I thought I’d quickly pop in to share. I hope you’re enjoying a great long weekend too!

Elmo Birthday Party



I thought I’d share a couple pics from the Elmo-themed birthday party that we went to on Saturday. Jamie did such a great job decorating! It’s fun playing photographer when I don’t have to worry about running the show!

This fabulous little guy may look sweet, but he was more than happy to put the smack down onto an Elmo pinata. 😉

Yes, these are jello shots… for the kids. They were a hit!

This fruit platter looks just like Elmo. What a great idea!

And to top it off, each child was sent home with mini jars of fish crackers and some crayons. Elmo would be proud.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson




It’s been a week full of rain showers here in Vancouver, and there’s more to come this weekend… bridal showers that is. My little sis is getting married in less than a month! I’ll be hosting a bridal shower for her here on Saturday.

1. Douglas + Bec Cloud Pillow 2. JDWolfe Pottery Cloud Plate 3. Snug Studio Cloud Cutting Board 4. Letterpress Delicacies Bolts & Clouds Letterpress Card

Don’t you just love these “Shower” themed party decor ideas from Lisa Storm over on the Fiskars site! Perfect for any baby or bridal shower.

Looking for more clouds? Kirsten has a great roundup of DIY Cloud Art in this post. Or you can make a DIY Paper Cloud Mobile over at Hellobee.

I hope that you have a great weekend whatever the weather!

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