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Out & About: RAW Canvas



Oh my goodness I had such a fun night! Met up with some friends from design school (we graduated a LONG time ago now, I’ll just leave it at that) and spent the night chatting and painting at RAW Canvas in Vancouver!! The music was perfect, the food awesome (how can I not love a menu that is TOTALLY gluten free except for the bread!!), and the people that work there were so friendly! Thanks for such a great night guys! Can’t wait to do it again!

This was the result of two hours of painting… not finished yet… but the process was so much fun! I always forget just how much I love to paint, until I do. As I stood there last night painting line upon line of trees, I found myself thinking about The Nester’s post… and wish all my friends that say they “can’t paint” could have been there with us last night. Making art is fun!! And anyone can do it!

Face For Radio



I just stumbled across the Valentine that I should have sent to my wonderful and talented sister in law this year! She’s got a beautiful mug actually, more magazine than radio in my opinion, but since she’ll be launching a radio show on April 8th, so I couldn’t resist this late Happy Valentine’s shout out! Her and her brother were the ones that brought the gift of sarcasm into my life, so I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Here’s to you Shannon!

Image: NPR Valentines via Creative Juice

Type Tuesday: Kids Room Posters



This is the room the boys are currently sharing while we reno the little one’s bedroom. It’s a mish-mash of Ikea and hand me down furniture. All that will be changing down the road. We’ve been advised by our oldest that the alphabet poster (wrapping paper that I bought from a cute little store in Bellevue, WA and framed a couple of years ago) is no longer needed since he knows his letters. So, I’m thinking about replacement posters that will bring some typography to the mix, and a less juvenile feeling to the room. Here are some that I’ve liked for a while:

Matteo Civaschi, H-57 Creative Station via Heartfish Press

Bold & Noble (They have so many beautiful prints!!)

Have you seen any posters that you love lately? Any favorites? Maybe I’ll have to design a poster for their room myself…. hmm??

High & HELLOW: Table Lamp



I was reading Cameron Mcneil‘s “Ask A Designer” column in the March issue of House & Home, and the pillow he was suggesting caught me eye, since it was the same one I mentioned here. Love it! I also loved the look of Jonathan Adler’s Beatrice lamp (shown above) that he suggested, which I hadn’t seen before… but when I looked into the price I nearly fell over! $695!!! Um, maybe not meant for me. I decided that I would hunt for a lower priced alternative, and after a few trips to Winners/Homesense I found a contender!

For $59.99, a savings of more than $600!! Of course, the high end version has nicer proportions and a simpler pattern, which I really like. So, the tags are staying on while I decide…

My Manhattan Apartment



Check out this great idea! I have a friend who used to live in Vancouver, but over the years she’s jumped around from New York, Montreal, Toronto, and now back to New York! I found this little tube sitting on my doorstep this week, and of course there isn’t anything much more exciting than mail!! Out popped tinsel and green paper bits, and inside I discovered a plastic container sealed with a label that read “The keys to your Manhattan apartment.” What a great idea to send to all your friends when you’ve just moved and want them to come visit! Of course, I didn’t need any encouragement… I will always happily make my way to New York to hang with friends!

Featured on Kitchen Dreams!



What a great start to a weekend! Our kitchen renovation has been featured over at Kitchen Dreams. Thank you Diane!

View From Down Here



We have no roof on our garage today! The roofers came yesterday to start replacing the roof on our house, which has been under a tarp since water started coming through the light fixture in the foyer. So much for the twelve more years the previous owner had mentioned. Today they decided that all the plywood sheeting over the garage had to be replaced. So now I know how fabulously sunny our garage would be if we had one big skylight. Thank goodness it’s a nice sunny day, since no roof would have been an issue yesterday with the snow and rain we were experiencing. It’s very messy and loud over here! Bang, BANG, bang!!

Type Tuesday: Number Lover



Chris Court Photography via Desire to Inspire


Cory Gibbons via BlackWhiteYellow

Welcome to the first Type Tuesday everyone! I love the bold and graphic look of all these large numbers. How about you?

Weekend Wrap Up: Valentine’s Day



There are certain things that make Saturday mornings complete around here. Pancakes (gluten free, of course), PJ’s, coffee for him, a latte for me, my fuzzy socks, and family adventures. Saturday is our day to just be together, with nothing scheduled other than an adventure of some sort. This weekend the pancakes were heart-shaped, using the Norpro heart egg/pancake ring. Since the handle swivels, I can use it as a decoration after the pancakes are made, lol. Okay, maybe not. But they did remind me of these cute photo clips I saw here.

Today’s adventure involved swimming and making Valentine’s. And, of course, what romantic Valentine’s weekend would be complete without a group date night of go karting! (that was sarcasm, in case that’s not your language : ) But seriously, it was great! So fast it was freaky, but so much fun! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too!

Thing-A-Day Distraction



An amazing designer and friend that I used to work with (the same person who provided the cookie eye candy at Christmas) started a project to create an alphabet out of found objects, one letter a day. Other people started to join in, so it’s now become a collaborative project of sorts, called Per Diem. For Valentine’s Day she’s asked us to send in a heart shape instead of a letterform, and so I spent some time playing with my food on Thursday to see what I could put together from what the boys and I were snacking on… it was a fun escape from the usual lunchtime routine. You can see all the hearts here on Valentine’s Day!

Image: Rosa Pearson Design

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