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On a Roll



I have been on the hunt for wool carpet for our youngest’s room for way too long, but I just couldn’t stomach paying $1400 for carpeting ONE bedroom! The idea of continuing the hardwood that runs throughout the rest of the house was a slightly cheaper option, but didn’t seem very cozy for a bedroom and I would still have to buy an area rug.

Finally the search is over! Jason and I were driving past End of the Roll Carpet in Vancouver last week and swerved into the parking lot when we noticed their sign saying that they now stock wool carpet! Good quality, affordable wool carpet! They have made my day!

So, in preparation for the install we need to rip up the existing carpeting, but it’s proving to be no small task. If the previous homeowners are reading, I would just like to say that gluing down carpet is just not cool. We know now why they didn’t renovate this room for thirty years! So, there is a lot of scraping going on upstairs right now thanks to my very hard working hubby! It’s going to look fabulous! And now I can finally move forward with setting up Ben’s bedroom so he can have his own room again!

Mudroom Bench Fabric



Remember my mud room inspiration pics? Well, I’m finally making some progress! I went fabric shopping today! My mother in law came over to see the boys and I got to escape for three hours! Luxurious, and very productive. Does anyone else have a full body reaction when they find exactly what they’re searching for? Just me? I knew that this Robert Allen fabric was “the one” as soon as I saw it. It’s New Damask BK in Greystone and I LOVE it!

I really wanted to pull from the colours in the adjoining powder room for my laundry & mud room reno. Between the dark grey baskets that I found at Homesense, and this Robert Allen fabric that has both the gray and yellow, I think it’s working! I’ve just placed the fabric on the bench for the picture… I do still need to sew the cover. My sewing projects for the home have been limited to roman blinds so far, so I’ve never had to do piping. Just out of curiosity, have any of you used piping before? I had thought about using some contrasting yellow piping, but now I’m thinking that I might just keep it all in the same fabric. Any thoughts?

Mud Room Inspiration



I am so excited! We are making headway on the laundry room/mudroom this week! The room hasn’t been touched since we renovated the adjoining powder room! Doors arrive tomorrow!! I’m hoping to have some pics to share soon, but in the meantime… I’ve been searching the web for mud room & laundry room inspiration, and thought I’d share some of my favourite mud room pics with you today! If you want some more eye candy, I’ve added all these pics (and many more) onto my Pinterest boards! (Are you on Pinterest too?)

Photo Credits: Bolig via Emmas Designblogg (photos Mikkel Adsbol), Better Homes & Gardens via Centsational Girl, Janis Nicolay for House & Home, House & Home via A Life’s Design.

Kitchen Organization



I thought that I’d do a follow up post about organization. I’m hearing lots of people planning kitchen reno’s, so I thought that this time I’d focus there.

My first suggestion is to find room for a pull out garbage. Even if you only have a narrow space available it can still work. When we were in the planning stages, my friend Jenny from Oakville looked over our kitchen design and found a way to squeeze one in. Yay!  It’s one of my favorite things!! Instead of one garbage can, I opted for two small containers… one for recycling items, one for garbage waste. They are small, so the garbage never gets around to being too smelly before it needs to go out!

If you have a peninsula in your kitchen, and have three corners to play with, then I have a suggestion for you. Don’t make all of them into corner cabinets! I sectioned the exterior of our peninsula into three even panels, and had one of them open to access four sliding shelves. LOVE the shelves! I find myself in the kitchen a LOT – it’s the center of activity around here – so most of the time my laptop sits on the kitchen counter. When I need to print something out I just slide out the top shelf to access my printer and paper, etc. The rest of the shelves have shallow baskets to organize phone chargers, place mats, etc.

This shot may not look like much, but pay close attention! This is the cabinet above the fridge. Do you see those two vertical dividers? Because this cabinet is usually deeper and taller than any of the others it is the perfect place to store large platters, griddles, liquor, etc. I LOVE having them stored vertically. They slide out so easily when needed!

My final must-have in the kitchen area – a bulletin board! At our house it’s always loaded up with school notices, kids artwork, and the calendar. Super handy! Oh, just ignore the mud that still remains from tiling the back splash. And the paper bonanza going on… focus instead on the new West Elm drapes that we installed in the dark!

If you’re planning your dream kitchen, or just trying to retrofit to make better use of the space, I hope this helps! Now go conquer your kitchens!!

A Little More



Check out the picture that I found from when the previous owners lived here, and before we tackled our kitchen renovation! It’s shows a little more of the room than you’ve seen before, so I thought I’d take some pics to show more of the family room/eating area/kitchen. I always hesitate to show too much because it’s a work in progress.

It looks kind of cramped in this picture, but I wanted the sofa to visually break up the long room, and I’m happy with the layout of the furniture. The beige wall on the left is currently the same colour as the rest of the walls, and now that they are all going to get a paint job I was thinking about trimming out and painting that one wall to match the kitchen cupboards. I think it would make the kitchen look a bit wider. What do you think? Keep it the same as the rest of the walls, or treat it like part of the kitchen??

I haven’t shown a view of our eating area before because for the longest time we had no chairs! We borrowed chairs from the dining room while I was waiting to find the right chairs for the space… turns out they were waiting for me at Ikea all along! The table is a hand me down, and we’ve been searching for a long time for the right replacement, but can never seem to decide. And so it goes I guess! Life gets busy, and things fall to the bottom of the list if they aren’t completely hideous. 🙂

Somebody’s Watching Me



These faces have been staring at me in the shower for three years now. A little spooky, no?! I don’t know what’s worse, that, or the hideous tile behind those eyes! Welcome to my upstairs bathrooms. Aren’t you glad you popped over today?! Yes, anyone who’s commented about how my house must be perfect… eat your heart out on this little slice of the 70’s. I know you’re jealous.

I think these boys need to be put out to pasture. I no longer want to shower with my little friends. They’ve got to go. Time to start planning “Operation Bathroom Renovation”!

How about you? Any vintage lovelies overstaying their welcome at your house? Please tell me I’m not alone in wanting to bomb my bathrooms?

If you could use some lighting, then don’t forget to enter the $75 Arcadian Lighting Giveaway by this Friday!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson @ FlutterFlutter

Potty Talk



Do you remember this picture from our bathroom reno? Well, I’m super excited to say that it’s been featured on two blogs that I recently found!

Maryann, over at Domestically Speaking, spotlighted our bathroom in her 70th Power of Paint Party! Her blog has made me realize that there are still so many super creative bloggers to discover!! You should see some of the other paint projects that were featured… wow!

Involving Color has endless amounts of inspiring pictures that you can browse by room color, style, etc. Jena has included some pics of our bathroom, kitchen, and master bedroom in a feature for her Inspiration Gallery!

Thank you so much Jena and Maryann!

View From Down Here



We have no roof on our garage today! The roofers came yesterday to start replacing the roof on our house, which has been under a tarp since water started coming through the light fixture in the foyer. So much for the twelve more years the previous owner had mentioned. Today they decided that all the plywood sheeting over the garage had to be replaced. So now I know how fabulously sunny our garage would be if we had one big skylight. Thank goodness it’s a nice sunny day, since no roof would have been an issue yesterday with the snow and rain we were experiencing. It’s very messy and loud over here! Bang, BANG, bang!!

Kitchen Update



Some of the little things that didn’t get done after our kitchen reno have been ignored for way too long. Things are now changing on that front! No more procrastination! I’ve painted the windowsill and trim, bought some chairs so that we can actually sit at the counter, had a bulletin board made to match the trim around the window. Oh, and do you like the cute little silver cupcake stand that is now my fruit stand? That was a freebie from a garage sale! The wonderful seller had seen me indecisively checking it out the whole time, so she sent it my way when it didn’t sell. Thanks Linda! The next step is to pick a paint color… I’ll be talking to you about that tomorrow!

Photos: Rosa Pearson Design

Master Bedroom: Update



I’ve made a lot of headway on the master bedroom this week. So, I thought that I would do a progress report to show you how it’s looking so far! I painted the wall behind the bed in Phlox, from the Martha Stewart Living line of paint that’s now available at Home Depot. In this picture the wall looks really, really gray, but it’s just that the rainy and gray skies here make for grey pictures. I wanted the wall color to tie into the subtle pop of color from the Lavender Rose Pillow that I found at Pier 1. I love how the pillow is so soft and beautiful against all the grey bedding! For the bedding, I bought three separate sets, the patterned Soho Living duvet and pillows, and the Hillcrest velvet-feel euro shams and the Winston Thomas quilt that drapes across the foot of the bed. Together, I think they really work! Progress on the rest of the room will start tomorrow when my fabulous Craigslist buyer picks up those massive wardrobes. I’m still on the hunt for bedside table lamps, and the perfect rug, and I’ve got an idea for a painting above the bed that I’ll be working on too! Hello weekend!!!

Does anyone have any suggestions for bedside table lamps? Or favorite stores for lighting?

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