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Bathroom Reno: Before & After



This is what our powder room looked like on move in day. I know! Not pretty. It looked more like an industrial scrub down room than the powder room for visitors to our home. It’s probably best that the pictures are blurry! haha! Not to mention that it also had a suspended panel ceiling – ugh. I sold the old vanity in the above pictures on Craigslist – it was just too large for such a small space. Then I put that money towards buying a freestanding antique console table (with a nod to Sarah Richardson) to make the space feel larger. And for those wood freaks out there, I apologize in advance if this offends, but gray paint won over wood grain this time around.

And this is how it looks now:

All she needs is the perfect pull or knob for the front and the bathroom will be done! At last! And thanks to the hard working hubby for installing the trim, which I’ve wanted since seeing this post. Makes me smile!

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Sledding on Burnaby Mountain



We went sledding with the boys on Burnaby Mountain recently. To say that it’s a popular spot for sledding is an understatement. For us, it was a location decided on primarily because it’s about fifteen minutes from home, which worked in our favor when the littlest member of our family decided that he just did not want to sled. Too many people, way too steep. Looking back, I suppose we should have started him off with something a little less steep… but just look at that view.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Christmas Cards, Etsy style!



Due to the demand for Christmas cards since my last post (thanks so much!) I’ve loaded up two options into my Etsy site for those late shopping Christmas card buyers! The Snowman Card above is one of the cards I’ve listed. Can you see the dove hidden within the illustration? Hint: It’s upside down.

I was thinking about how far some of my Christmas cards are going to travel this year, and was wondering just how far away you readers are? Leave me a comment and let me know where you’re checking in from! And what’s the weather like in your part of the world right now? Here on the Canadian “wetcoast” the weather seems to be a little confused, because it’s way colder than I remember it ever being!! Brr..

UPDATE: Rosa Pearson Design is up! See my online Portfolio here!

Tis the Season, for Christmas Cards!



Well, I promised some Christmas typography, and here it is! I am fully immersed in the land of Christmas card design right now, and between that and the snow that’s trying to come, I’m definitely feeling that Christmas spirit! I’ve been designing our family Christmas cards for years now, and it’s the design project I most look forward to each year. In addition I also design a more corporate one to use for a certain someone’s company, which you can see below. See the little characters peeking from within in the negative space!! In case the picture is too small, there is a dove’s head tucked in the S, a Christmas tree poking up into the A, santa in the O, and the others you can see in the second photo.

This is the more personalized version that I created for our family to send out. The word PEACE becomes PEARSON’S! I like trying to hide surprises behind flaps or folds when I can. One of my clients nicknamed me “The Queen of Origami” for my penchant to create elaborate folds in corporate tradeshow invitations. Paper is always more exciting with some folds thrown in! I’ll have some more Christmas cards to show you once this year’s batch comes back from the printer.

I Heart Typography



I am a lover of typography. I’m that girl who points out the arrow hidden within the FedEx logo to all her friends. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, promise me you’ll go look, and you’ll wonder how you’ve never seen it before!) I have two posters in my tiny studio that inspire me every day. The poster above is by Hijirik Design Studio in Brooklyn. I bought it last Christmas to inspire myself and some friends that also love letterpress printing. The poster below is actually gift wrap by Sukie, out of the UK. I found it at the VAG last year – it was love at first sight. The same print gets made into flash cards at life comes ’round. Hope you enjoy, because I’ll be bringing some Christmas typography of my own tomorrow!

Making Faces, with Paint



Acrylic, on 8″square canvas.

One of the creative endeavors that I’ve enjoyed sporadically over the years is painting portraits of children. My amazingly talented friend Heather painted her kids portraits and I loved them so much that I tried some for my kids, and some friends. It’s so fun to bring their little personalities to life on canvas! I’m taking orders immediately, and will be offering these on Etsy within the next week.

Kitchen Renovation: Before & After



When we first moved into our little house on the hill we knew that there would be lots to do, and we were excited to put our own stamp on a barely touched home. Two years later we are still slowly plugging away at it room by room. Flipping through design magazines has now become an addiction. The first thing we did before we even moved in was scrape all that popcorn off the ceilings. It took ten years off the place! A well deserved facelift. The second, a year later, was the kitchen. This one brings a smile to my face every day. As you can see from the before pictures, the layout was fine, but all the cabinetry and appliances were 30 years old… and don’t even get me going on that “sunshine ceiling”!

The After! As you can see in this picture, there are little things that haven’t been done yet… and some still aren’t. Painting for example. We didn’t want to paint until all the renos on the main floor were done, so we could paint everything at the same time. That will happen very soon since our main floor bathroom is almost done. Can’t wait!

What’s behind fridge door #1?



Do you ever have those days when you open the fridge door to see what you’ve got and it turns out that you’ve got nothing? Well, today I’m having the opposite problem. I’ve got a fridge full of food, but zero desire to actually make anything. We’re on day six with no hubby, and my energy to go above and beyond in the kitchen has boiled dry. So instead of my new favorite gluten free meal, Baked Mediterranean Chicken, we will be feasting on fried egg sandwiches and tomato soup. It’s Amy’s organic tomato bisque, so maybe that makes it okay?

Welcome to my blog!



Well here we go! If you’re reading this then it means the creative exchange has begun! I’m writing my first post in between washing dishes, wiping faces, and printing out proofs of the latest Christmas card design that I’m working on for a client. And that pretty much describes the balancing (or lack of) that goes on over here at our house… welcome!

Photo: Nunuboo Photography

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