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Lesson Learned




I learned a lesson last week, and thought I’d share, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t already know this. [Insert hand hitting forehead.] Remember how I was going to be painting some stripes? Yes, well, that plan failed. You see, I discovered that winter is not a great time to paint, even inside! Who knew?! The paint bubbled! INSIDE! Granted, I didn’t think about turning on the baseboard heater in Cole’s room before I started, and it was snowing outside, but I really didn’t think the walls would be THAT cold. Apparently I was wrong. So, I only got as far as the white stripes, and there are some areas that I’ll be sanding and repainting once the weather warms up. Lesson learned.

Since I now have some extra time before the stripes happen, I thought that I’d poll you all to find out what painters tape you use? I probably should have chosen less contrast for my first set of stripes! I really don’t want to have navy blue paint seeping under the tape and onto the white… so please let me know if you have a personal favourite!

PS – I realize that this picture has nothing to do with painting, or stripes, but no one needs to see bubbled paint drying. Instead, I thought I’d share a pic of the stool and bird that I just found at Target. I’m loving them!

Indigo Holiday 2013 Preview




I love pretty things, and I know that the chances are high that you do too. So, I thought that I’d take a break from my summer adventures to share some pictures that I took at the Indigo Holiday 2013 Preview event this week. One of my faves is this JOY pillow. The contrast of linen and glittering sequins is perfect, don’t you think?!


One of my favorite things from Indigo, besides their books of course, is their gorgeous home decor items. Inspired by the Gilded Age, Indigo’s Holiday collection this year brings vibrant greens and blues and holiday sparkle to the home. The scalloped pillow on this couch is just gorgeous. Bold, graphic and elegant all at the same time! (And the location of the event was nothing to scoff at either… I wish I could have brought you with me to see the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Vancouver waterfront. I would have happily moved in for the bathroom alone!)


I’m always excited to see what new ornaments will be at Indigo each year… this year I took home this little squirrel with his shiny nut. He’ll be right at home on our Christmas tree this year alongside my collection of birch bark stars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pining away for winter. I don’t want summer and all its sunny days to end just yet. I must admit that Indigo‘s preview events always whet my appetite for the holiday season. But, I plan on embracing the sunshine while it’s here! So let’s go make this a great weekend!

Happy Friday!

West Elm Market Opens in Vancouver



West Elm Market

West Elm Market

The first Canadian West Elm Market opens today in Vancouver! I braved the snowstorm to meet up with Abigail Jacobs, from West Elm‘s head office in Brooklyn, for a preview of the new store yesterday, and I’m glad I did! What a great store, and such well curated products! West Elm Market will focus on functional design with a collection of genuine and useful household goods, focusing on four key categories: Kitchen, Garden, Care & Repair and Personal Care. The store features a café in collaboration with neo-traditional coffee roasters La Colombe Torrefaction, (love the big red machine center stage!) and will carry baked goods from local bakery, The Last Crumb. The store is designed to be a place to gather and learn, so there will also be community-driven events and classes held at a communal table in the center of the store.

West Elm Market

West Elm Market

West Elm Market

I’m so happy that they opened up in time for some last minute Christmas shopping! For myself, I bought this set of mixing bowls… since I’ve been looking for a reason to get rid of my old plastic ones, and these are perfect! Beautiful and functional, yes please!

You can find West Elm Market mere steps away from West Elm, at 2915 Granville Street in Vancouver. Let me know when you’re heading there, I’d love to hear what you think!

Indigo Holiday 2012 Preview



Tracey, Me, Barbara & Andrea sporting Indigo’s cold weather gear. Photo by Jeff Vinnick.

I was invited to Indigo’s Holiday Preview Event at the downtown Vancouver Chapters location on Thursday night. I always have such a good time when I get to hang out with some of my wonderful blogger friends! And Chapters Indigo is one of those stores where you fall in love with everything you see… and that comes in handy when trying to make and shop for Christmas lists! Us bloggers hammed it up a bit for the camera, donning every warm accessory we could find. 😉

These are some of my favorite things that I saw that night. The Salted Caramels were supposed to be for Jason this Christmas, but they won’t be making it under the tree, oops. I gave them to him as soon as I got home so we could “share” them. Ha! I’ll be heading back to pick up more of those tasty beasts!!! And, I’m currently sitting here with that snood/infinity scarf happily wrapped around my neck… an early Christmas gift to myself. 😉 I’ve been coughing for weeks now, so some warmth is just what I needed!

Are you on Instagram? Come introduce yourself if you are! You can find me here, along with some more of my faves!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Spruce Collective



I was so excited to attend the Grand Opening for my friend’s new store in Abbotsford on Friday night. Spruce Collective is the bricks + mortar collaboration between Elisa of Home Sweet Nest, Jessica of Trove Vintage Rentals & Handmade Affairs, Kevi of Twig Home, Monica of Red Wicker and Lily of Birch + Bird. A huge congratulations to all of you on a fabulous job!

Lily and I met almost two years ago, when we were both pretty new to blogging, and it has been great getting to know her better! It’s been fabulous to witness the success of her blog, and now this beautiful store! I love it when genuinely nice, talented people succeed!

How cool is the little nook for the kids! They know what makes moms happy!

The store is filled with beautiful vignettes, and all sorts of treasures, not to mention a big room at the back for classes! You can see more pics on their site, or better yet, stop by and see it for yourself!

West Elm’s Vancouver Opening



Yesterday I attended the pre-opening event for West Elm‘s Vancouver location! I had the pleasure of meeting creative director Vanessa Holden in the afternoon as she toured us through the new store. And in the evening there was a fabulous party!

It’ll be great to have a West Elm of our own in Vancouver. No more shipping or three hour car rides to Seattle! (Who am I kidding, I’ll still be visiting Seattle.) Here is a sneak peak to whet your appetite…

West Elm offers a great resource with their Design Lab. Staff will be there to answer decorating questions, and offer help or referrals at any stage of the game. Perfect for us indecisive types!!

And did you know that West Elm is now partnering with Etsy? You can find the work of local Etsy artists such as Dahlhaus Studio Ceramics, Walter Helena Photography, and others for sale at the Vancouver location.

More good news, the store opens today! Located at 2947 Granville Street.

Photography by Rosa Pearson.

Tech Candy iPhone Case



I’ve been getting so many comments of my new Tech Candy iPhone case (a birthday gift, thanks Heather!) that I thought I’d share it with you! The set came with two different colours of soft shells, and the white hard shell switches between either one. Isn’t it great! It kind of reminds me of  those furniture O’verlays, don’t you think?

And there are other styles and colours available – I like this pattern too!

Do you have a cel phone case that you love? Where did you find yours?

Portland, Oregon: Where To Shop



As you can imagine, we crammed a lot of shopping into our five day girls trip to Portland! I thought that I’d compile a visual list of all our top stores. I hope it helps you if you’re planning a trip to Portland sometime soon! Here we go!


Canoe, (1136 SW Alder) is full of modern, well-designed products for home, work and life. And such friendly people too!

Alder & Co. (537 SW 12th) is kitty corner to Canoe, and another fabulous find. Filled with wonderfully curated beautiful items for everyday use. I fell in love with their amazing felted rugs!

Crafty Wonderland (808 SW 10th) carries handmade goods from over 160 Portland area artists! I bought two amazing tops while shopping here, and discovered Jolby, local designers, when I spotted their fun mural (above) behind the cash desk.

Powell’s Books is a great place to give yourself a couple hours on a rainy day. You’ll need that long, at least, because it’s crazy big!


On our way to Besaw’s we discovered Manor Fine Wares (9907 NW 23rd Ave) and I could have happily taken the whole store home with me… such a warm, comfortable space.


Ink & Peat (3808 N.Williams Ave) is just down the street from Tasty n Sons, one of my favorite restaurants in Portland. This lifestyle store is filled with a clever mix of home decor items. You can find everything from Dash & Albert rugs to cookbooks, cards, candles, and so much more goodness. Oh, and it’s also a floral shop!

As a graphic designer Lark Press (3901 N.Williams) printing studio and retail space was a must see. I adore letterpress. If you need letterpress cards, posters, calendars, and such, then this is the store for you!


Manifesto (3806 N. Mississippi) is a fabulous shoe store, but, they also have a great selection of locally made jewellery, Orla Kiely bags, and more. I discovered my Minoux necklace here.


Hunt & Gather (1302 NW Hoyt St) carries a wide range of furniture & home decor, and paintings by local artists. I was happy to discover artist Sarah Kemsler‘s paintings… can’t stop thinking about these trees!

Cargo (380 NW 13th Ave) is an overwhelming experience of imported furniture, one of a kind wonders, flea market finds. I found a great old map here.

Lizard Lounge (1320 NW Irving St) This store was full of so many great brands of clothes and shoes for men & women. Cool kids shop here.


Vintage Pink (2500 SE Hawthorne Blvd) and the many vintage stores along this street are worth a wander, but it’s not as tempting to buy when there’s a flight home to pack for.

If the rain had let up we would have hit more in this neighborhood. Elsa + Sam, and Imelda’s & Louie’s Shoes were on our list of stores to visit.

So, to all you Portland locals, have I missed any of your favorites? Let me know if I have so I can search them out next time I’m in Portland!




It’s been a week full of rain showers here in Vancouver, and there’s more to come this weekend… bridal showers that is. My little sis is getting married in less than a month! I’ll be hosting a bridal shower for her here on Saturday.

1. Douglas + Bec Cloud Pillow 2. JDWolfe Pottery Cloud Plate 3. Snug Studio Cloud Cutting Board 4. Letterpress Delicacies Bolts & Clouds Letterpress Card

Don’t you just love these “Shower” themed party decor ideas from Lisa Storm over on the Fiskars site! Perfect for any baby or bridal shower.

Looking for more clouds? Kirsten has a great roundup of DIY Cloud Art in this post. Or you can make a DIY Paper Cloud Mobile over at Hellobee.

I hope that you have a great weekend whatever the weather!




I discovered Minoux, a fabulous jewellery company, while shopping at Manifesto on my trip to Portland. I’m so happy that I brought one of her beautiful necklaces home with me! It’s always fun to find a trinket to remember vacations by. I love that my necklace was made in a barn in Portland, and would love to add the Skyline and Little zigzag necklaces (above) to my collection. Aren’t the little pops of color great!

I’m still working away on a post to share my favorite shops and restaurants in Portland with you. There were so many good things, so it may take a bit!

Have a fabulous weekend y’all! We have our sons baseball tournaments all weekend, and it’s my birthday on Sunday, so we’ll be busy!

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