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Oliver Jeffers: This Moose Belongs to Me



I walked into Chapters yesterday and made up for lost time on the Christmas shopping front. Thank goodness! I have been sick for almost FOUR weeks people! My energy is slowly returning and there is MUCH to be done! Please don’t tell me if you’re done and wrapped already. If you are, I’m really happy for you… really. I know how good that feels! I am not there. Yet. But, in the meantime, I thought that I’d share one of my purchases, in case you are looking for ideas too!

I have a confession. I often buy children’s books purely for the pretty pictures. Gasp! Sometimes without even flipping through. Secretly (not so secretly anymore, I suppose) I feel that if a book is well illustrated that the story somehow HAS to be superior. You all agree, right? However misguided, I may be on to something, because the writing in the books is often very clever too! Our boys’ longtime favorite author/illustrator is Oliver Jeffers, with many of his books (Lost & Found, How to Catch a Star, etc) already gracing our shelves. So, when I saw This Moose Belongs to Me sitting on the shelf, it was an obvious choice! At the end of the day, when I get to cuddle up and read stories with the boys, the designer in me is happy that the boys love the “pretty pictures” as much as the story they are telling.

Do you have a favorite author/illustrator? Have you bought any fun books for your kids this year? If so, please share!

Birthday Love



I was spoiled rotten this weekend… with sweet kisses and a birthday dance-off from my little guys. I was surprised with Mast Brothers Chocolates, this gorgeous wool blanket (from Old Faithful Shop), and a much adored Tivoli radio from my man. And pattern inspiration books at my family lunch… oh, and I can’t forget my favorite birthday card, designed by Rifle Paper Co.! I am truly thankful to have such loving people in my life. The gifts are just a really fun bonus.

This is what most of our weekend looked like. Lots and lots of baseball! How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one!

Seattle Roadtrip



I’m back in Canada! I know, I didn’t mention I was leaving, did I? Jason and I were able to steal away by ourselves to Seattle for three wonderful days. It had been way too long since our last visit!

Any good road trip needs reading material! Sibella Court’s Etcetera was in my stocking this year, since I loved her latest book so much. It was the perfect companion for our relaxing trip.

Pattern and texture are hidden everywhere – but they really pop in the city.  I was hoping that we’d see these yarn bombed trees that Janis mentioned, and we did! Aren’t they amazing!

I was eager to pop into the newly opened West Elm, (thanks to Michaela’s post!) and happily took home a couple of these lamps! I’ve been hunting for the perfect bedside lamps for the master bedroom forever! Finally, progress!

I’m always on the hunt for yummy food when I’m on holidays. Any restaurant that dedicates a portion of their printed menu to gluten free pancakes and french toast ranks high in my books! It was easy to see why Portage Bay Cafe‘s large space was packed out… fresh, organic, and local food. So good! (This pic shows the space decked out for a catering event… so just picture it without the tablecloths. 😉

All you design lovers out there would love Kobo – a fabulous discovery! Design books, art, Japanese ceramics, silk screened t-shirts, letterpress calendars, etc. This is the kind of store I always hope to find when I’m wandering in a different city! I took home this little robin print mounted on wood by Seattle artist Cody Blomberg.

Welcome to the New Year everyone!

Photo Credits: Jenn (A Home in the Making), Janis Nicolay (Pinecone Camp), West Elm, Portage Bay Cafe, Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter).

The Stylist’s Guide to NYC



I just got back from New York early this morning, and I have so much fun stuff to share with you! Us ladies had a great time in NYC!!

Before I share about our trip, I owe author & stylist Sibella Court a huge thank you! Knowing that I was headed to New York, I ordered The Stylists Guide to NYC as soon as I heard about it, and devoured it cover to cover. I knew that I was in good hands when I read that Paula Rubenstein was her favourite store, because it was my top find the last time I was in NYC. The graphic designer in me appreciates the thick, toothy paper, and beautiful photography throughout the book. The tourist in me loves the ultra-cool map that came enclosed in the book, so much better than the ugly alternatives available in the tourist shops, taking up permanent residence in my bag during the trip. And, while shopping in Anthropologie, (avoiding one of many insane rain storms) I noticed that it’s now for sale there as well! I think there should be books like this written for every major city!

Have you seen this book? Do you already have a copy? If you’re planning a trip to New York, or just want to be inspired by the beautiful and curious, you should definitely pick one up!

JuJu Hat DIY



There are some benefits to having never seen a Cameroon headdress, or Juju Hat, up close and personal. If I had, then I may have been a bit more daunted to try and DIY this! For those of you obsessed with perfection, please squint when looking at the above pictures. ; ) Actually, I suggest everyone try that, since they do look pretty darn sweet in a somewhat blurry state.

When I was looking through my pictures of JuJu hats, they all seemed so textural, almost wooly. So, when I went on a field trip to Michael’s to see what kind of feathers they had to work with, I quickly changed course and headed over to the yarn section. (Partly because the price of feathers adds up very quickly, and partly because the lady warned me about just how long it takes to glue on feather upon feather upon… you get the idea. I’m all about the cheap and easy when it comes to projects that may or may not actually work out!) I do not knit, so I had zero idea what I’d find, if anything. I was surprised to find such beautiful colors woven together, and all the thickness and texture I was looking for! And, a new found desire to make myself a scarf for next winter… if I start now I may just have it done in time!

I’m working on a tutorial in case anyone else wants to make one of these wooly wall hangings. So check back tomorrow for that!

PS – Book club ladies, as you can see, I’m ready to go for the next two months! Jane Eyre is from my mom’s college days, so I’m hoping to make use of her notes! ; )

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson Design

Balloon Toons: Adopt a Glurb



This Christmas I wanted to surprise the boys with some books that they hadn’t seen before, so I went searching at the local bookstore to see what caught my eye. I happened upon a collection of books that I instantly knew my oldest son would adore. Balloon Toons, by Blue Apple Books. I bought Adopt a Glurb!, by Elise Gravel (she’s got a very fun blog!). I’m one of those people that judges a book by its cover, probably because as a designer I believe that is an important part of the package! Check out the book design and illustration!! It’s been a huge hit. For all of us. I always find it more enjoyable to read a well designed book, and it looks like my boys do too. I love watching my little reader laugh as he reads this book. He’s growing up so fast! I love that the illustration on the cover looks just like some of the characters that he draws all the time!

How about you? What is your favorite book to read to your kids right now?

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