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Happy Valentine’s Day!




A belated Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve had a sick boy on our hands for the last week, thanks to food poisoning from some nasty sushi, so we stayed close to home this Valentine’s Day. We decided to watch the Academy Award winning movie Amour, subtitles and all. Sounds like the perfect romantic movie, right? Those of you that have seen the movie are probably laughing right now. (spoiler alert!) Those that haven’t should know that it ends with the main character suffocating his wife to end her misery. Not exactly the type of love story we expected. What did your Valentine’s Day look like?

On a happier note, I’ve been craving all white walls for a long, long time, thanks to my Pinterest inspiration boards, and we finally committed! I’m thrilled to have the fresh white walls throughout the main area of our home. If you’re thinking about switching to an all-white interior space, you should read this article that my friend Maria wrote a while back. It has some good tips on things you might want to consider. In honor of Valentine’s Day I framed a smaller version of the “Home Is Where The Heart Is” print in a black frame for some contrast. I have had multiples of that frame kicking around waiting to be used ever since Superstore cleared out some frames eons ago… I think I picked them up for $4 each, including the white matte! I knew they’d come in handy one day! And it feels good to start the weekend with one less thing on the floor in my office.

Painting Stripes

This is a little preview of what we are going to get up to this weekend! (Ignore the mess and the furniture, as it is all in transition.) Thanks to Photoshop I was able to play around with some ideas and get the okay from Cole before we buy the paint for the last wall in his room! We’ve had the rest of his room painted for quite a while, but we couldn’t agree what to do with this wall until now.  What do you think about the navy stripes? I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Are you tackling any projects this weekend? Whatever you’re up to I hope you have a good one.

Children’s Art on Display




We took our crew on a different kind of family adventure recently. After Saturday morning pancakes, we set off for the Modern Home Tour. I was so excited to have won tickets from Stephanie at Garden Therapy!  I was surprised at how much the boys enjoyed the sneak peek into other people’s homes! This picture is of one of the rooms we got to peek into, only one of many rooms on the tour that proudly displayed original art. I love all the white walls and pops of colour! My boys rated the homes based on the Lego collections, or lack thereof, or course… but that’s okay with me if they’re interested!

Art on Display

Boys Bedroom

We have been making changes in Cole’s bedroom, and we are doing the same thing. After painting all the walls white, I framed up some of his art, and found the right spot to display some of his sweet artwork from over the years. I’m loving the little chair I found for his desk, my $5 garage sale find! I can’t wait to finish up his room so I can show you some more!

And speaking of kids bedrooms, we’ve been trying something new to get them to keep them clean… and it’s working! I’ll fill you in soon in case you’re looking for some chore inspiration.

Mudroom Progress




I am a huge fan of Jessica Helgerson, the interior designer of this beautiful home. Our family room has the same cathedral ceilings, and this picture is one of the many that makes me want to run wild and paint our cedar ceilings white. It’s also the reason I started hunting for a demijohn vase like the two on the floor. I’m happy to say that I found one when Heather and I went shopping at Spruce Collective! Now if only I had a tree that could spare a limb…


In other exciting news, in between my boys’ baseball games the much ignored mudroom has finally been getting some attention! I spent some time on Saturday sewing a seat cushion for this bench. I feel like my mom when I’m sewing. All of my latent skills come from her. I’m not finished yet, but it is looking SO good! Can’t wait to have some finished pictures for you!

And no, the door isn’t dirty, it’d just been painted here and the plastic hadn’t been removed from the glass yet. I adore the new door too, by the way. Our mudroom/laundry room is off of the garage and has no windows, so the glass has made such a difference in the amount of light in the room!

How about you? What were you up to this weekend? Happy week ahead!

A Clean Slate



Lisa Leonard Interiors

There is just something about white. Fresh. New. Exactly what I’m looking for this New Year! Which is why we went a little crazy with a can of white paint and a whole bunch of trim over the holidays. It feels so good to rid the walls of the drab beige/taupe color. Of all the changes that I want to make this year, this seemed like a good place to start.

Ever since I saw this photo of Lauren Leonard’s bunkroom (above), I knew that we would be adding some board and batten style trim detail into our house. I didn’t want to cover all the walls with it, just an accent wall seemed like the right amount. I’m loving it! My amazing, hard working hubby deserves an enormous thank you. Seriously. Shout out for you Jason!! The bonus is that he’s super happy with it too. Whew!


Work is still being done caulking, painting, etc, so for now I’m only going to show you this little snippet. And, as with most reno projects… when one things changes, everything is fair game! So, our family room is in store for some major redecorating. Stay tuned!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas





Holiday Decor

Here are 5 simple ideas to help bring a little holiday spirit into your decor:

  1. Bring the outdoors in! Whether it’s branches in the fall, or fresh flowers in Spring, bringing plants inside brightens up these winter days. I have three Ikea pots that sit on the windowsill in my kitchen, and every season I swap out the plants inside them. This year I saw some of these Gaultheria plants and fell in love with their pops of red and green!
  2. Think outside the tree. If you have ornaments from holidays’ past, don’t get rid of them just yet… use them to fill a vase and prop up some sticks. Or simply mixed into a bowl of pinecones.
  3. You gotta have faith. Bring some of what makes the holiday season special to you and your family into your home. We are all about Christmas here at our house, and our little wooden nativity scene fits perfectly under our massive star, don’t you think?
  4. Add a little sparkle! Mix a little shimmer into your tabletop vignette. Contrast it with natural elements to keep things warm.
  5. Lighten up. Candles, floating in a bowl of fresh cranberries, surrounded by dried rose hip berries, or just placed in your favorite votive… there is no wrong choice at this time of year. And remember, adding a warm glow to your home also casts a very flattering light on your guests when you’re entertaining!

Are you all done decorating for the holidays? I’m all about keeping it simple this year! I’m having to let some things slide that I usually wouldn’t, because I’m finding that my priorities have shifted, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all. For example, if you usually receive a Christmas card from me, you may get it via email this year, or not at all! I know! How will you ever recover! 😉

Decorating for Fall



I went shopping with Kerry last weekend and fell in love with the Fall decor inside the stores! I was excited to come home and start decorating our home! I like to keep it simple, and stick to natural elements, and at this time of year that is easy! The ornamental squash, paired with berries from my parents yard, look great placed in my new two toned IKEA bowl.

I couldn’t resist picking up these berry branches from my local grocery store for our dining room table. But, I’m not sure what these branches are called, so if you know please do share!

We are celebrating a long Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I’ve prettied it up just in time! We’re heading out to buy some pumpkins, having a hotdog roast with friends, and attending multiple turkey dinners this weekend! Should be a good one! I hope yours is too! What have you got in store?

Photos: Rosa Pearson

Mushroom Love



I know that eggs are front and center at this time of year, but what about the lowly mushroom? I love mushrooms. Mushroom burgers, risotto, soup… I love them all! And, lately I’ve found them visually appealing too! But, mushrooms are one of those things, it seems, that people either love or hate. What’s your opinion on mushrooms? Love them or leave them?

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Photo Credits: 1. Andie’s Specialty Sweets. 2. Flora & Henri Mushrooms. 3. Anthropologie Kids Mushroom Pouf, 4. Trevor Tondro for The New York Times via Lake Jane, painting by Bill Samios.

Here Comes Christmas…



December is here, and I’m excited! It might have something to do with two little boys that have been asking every day for over a month when Christmas will be here. Christmas decorations have come out of hiding throughout the house, but for our family room this year we’re keeping it simple. Warm and cozy is the goal, with neutral greys, blues & earth tones in wool and faux fur pillows, along with natural elements such as twigs and pinecones… oh, and my favorite little reindeer.

We’ve had sick kids around here lately. Our oldest has been home from school for four days so far this week. Poor guy. Hopefully that’s it for this year, and we’ll be cold-free for the rest of the Christmas season.

PS – Today is the final day of the $75 Arcadian Lighting Giveaway!! Enter HERE!

Photo Credits: Rosa Pearson @ FlutterFlutter

Halloween Wrap Up



I hope that you enjoyed a fun Halloween this year! We sure did! Gotta love great neighbors, makeshift fireworks, and the faces of two very excited kids! I also love the beautiful little pops of orange throughout the house at this time of year!

Halloween at our house started with spooky pancakes. Jason used a turkey baster to free-form outlines of cat heads, witches hats, moons, and pumpkins, of course! He then carefully filled them in, and voila! I was pretty impressed by the pancakes, but my favourite was the costume he donned to welcome the kids that evening. Priceless.

Here & There: NYC



Welcome back to another edition of “Here & There”! This time I’m featuring some fun finds from the stores I shopped on my trip to New York. And, as always, it wouldn’t be complete without an inspiration picture to show you how you could to use these items to add style to your own home!

Fishs Eddy was a treasure trove of goodies! So many collections of fabulous items! I took so many pictures inside this store!! I wish I could go back now that I’m seeing things in my pics that I didn’t notice while I was there!

I was so excited to see this wall of vintage letters on one of the upper levels of ABC Home. The inspiration picture was designed by well known New Yorkers, the Novogratz family!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Canadians celebrating on this long weekend!!

Photo Credits: Small Image, Rosa Pearson, Large Image, Tara Sloggett via Susan Hoover. Bottom Small Image, Rosa Pearson, Large Image, via HGTV.

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