A New Fence!



This is our fourth summer in this house and I finally feel like we’re making some real headway! I just had to share this progress pic!

Last year Jason (aka husband extraordinaire) took down that big sun-blocking tree, and now everything is flourishing because there is sunshine in our backyard again! So far this year we’ve finished extending the patio and now have a new fence! A huge difference, don’t you think?!

Jason is finishing up building the garden box in that top corner so we can plant veggies this year, and we’re working our way SLOWLY out of that corner to tackle the rest of our landscaping plans. It’s amazing how a simple thing like a fence can make me fall in love with our yard!

Are you tackling any landscaping projects this year? Is your list of things to replace as long as ours?!


  • Lisa Fyfe

    i love that fence! looks great!

  • Mark

    Fence looks great. Don’t forget to stain it so you can keep that beautiful cedar colour! We’ve got outdoor renos up the wazzoo, but all down at our cottage at Pt. Roberts. I might talk to Jason about his experience with the paving stones.

    • Rosa

      Thanks Mark! Yes, staining will be happening soon… I’m not looking forward to that job!
      Actually, Jason didn’t put in the patio extension. I was meaning more of a plural “we”, lol, the kind where a stone guy comes and does it for us! 😉

  • janis - pinecone camp

    It’s looking beautiful! We’re currently trying to work out our front garden. It’s an utter mess! Your fence looks great, and I love the way cedar ages.

  • Tracey

    Oh what a difference that fence makes!!!!! What a great space…… From what I can tell. Looking forward to seeing it one day. 😉

  • Sheila @ SZInteriors

    It’s looking so good, Rosa! Removing that tree has made a huge difference, but what’s not to love about all the work you’ve done so far. It really is coming together beautifully 🙂

  • Colleen

    Oh wow…what a difference a tree makes! that is remarkable I am crushing on your plantings they look so healthy and your patio surface is awesome!
    Your deck really is very handsome! so is your hubs!

    • Rosa

      Haha! Thanks Colleen! It’s a total work in progress… maybe one day it will look finished like your yard!! 🙂

  • Lisa @ Wicked and Weird

    Drooooool, this is beautiful. Our big sun-blocking tree blew down in a windstorm (narrowly missing our 2-year-old and taking out some fence and eavestoughs) so we have had some major backyard issues. I only wish their resolution could be as gorgeous as yours! Maybe Jason would like to visit Toronto?? 🙂

    • Rosa

      YIKES! Did insurance cover your replacements? Thank goodness your son was okay.
      Thanks for the compliment Lisa! If you could see the rest of the yard you’d understand how much more there is to do!!

  • Shannon { A Mom's Year}

    I love the fence. I think the style would encourage me to sit calmly among the beautiful plants and meditate. 😉

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