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My oldest son came home with a Scholastic book order pleading to buy “fish”. Until that moment I had never heard of triops before. Have you?! Well, I said yes, but let me just say that these things are NOT fish. They are truly creepy prehistoric seamonsters. I’m not-so-secretly happy that the life span of these “pets” in 60 – 90 days. If I’ve tempted you to run out and buy some of these, I wouldn’t suggest this specific set. The plastic tank supplied is tall and narrow, and barely stands upright. I fear that the tank will wait until the triops are at their largest and grossest before it decides to fall over… I had better not be home when that happens. 😉

How about you? Do you have any creepy pets hanging around your house?


  • barbara@hodge:podge

    Hey, we have a pet snake – which lives longer than 90 days! And it belongs to my tall blond blue eyed daughter who DOES not look like the typical snake loving person!

  • Shelley@2jacs

    Ah, yes, the modern day Seamonkey. My daughter had to have these Triops when she discovered them back in 2008 at the Bug Zoo in Victoria (appropriate place I would say…lol). They were definitely the strangest thing I had ever seen. My son has had a total of six lizards, which has now dwindled down to two, for different reasons and I get the joy of feeding them when he goes away on vacation with his dad and you don’t want to know what they eat…lol! Tbh, they have grown on me and I really don’t mind them anymore:).

    • Rosa

      The Bug Zoo! I’ve never heard of that Shelley! Hmm. I don’t know if that is somewhere I have any interest in going!!

  • homestilo

    Ooh this sounds freaky. Going to have to go Google this now.

  • meesh@idreamofchairs

    SeaMonkeys!!! Reinvented! Gosh, I haven’t heard of those in a long time! Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

  • Ana

    We have a new pup and he’s anything bu creepy but Emma has asked for rats, snakes, deer, bunnies and ants in the past months…. I can see some creepy creatures in my future.

  • Mark Smith

    Cat. Hairballs. Your triops have nothing on that!

  • Tracey

    Oh my goodness!!!! Yes, Sea Monkeys reinvented for sure!!! I think they are baby krill or baby shrimp or something like that. Not sure but I totally remember buying the packet and adding water. They invented this crazy playground you can put in the bowl and everything. If you turn the lights out and put a flash light up to the glass, they supposedly follow the light so you have a swarm of these things swimming in the moving light. My bowl started getting algae on it and I kinda got grossed out after awhile and flushed them. But they are a fabulous novelty for sure.

  • carol@thedesignpages

    Sea Monkeys baby. I wanted those so badly as a kid but never got them. Maybe Triops are my chance to relive childhood dreams:)

  • Shannon { A Mom's Year}

    You’re definitely a good mom! We don’t have “creepy” so much as “too many.” When a family of six is outnumbered by animals, you know you’re in trouble!

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