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Hello Wednesday!



Is it seriously Wednesday already?! Last week I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award from Tanya at Dans Le Townhouse. Thanks Tanya! Part of winning includes sharing seven things about myself that you probably don’t know. So here goes!

1. I’ve been able to cross off a lot of things on my “to do” list in the evenings lately, such as launching a Facebook page for FlutterFlutter! All my latest Etsy items and promotions can be found here!

2. You may have noticed in the sidebar that Rosa Pearson Design is now live! I am a graphic designer by night, and in the few moments that preschool allows for. The site isn’t completely finished yet, but I hope to upload some more of my portfolio over the next little while.

3. While shopping at Scoop in NYC I discovered a new favorite item of clothing. Skinny jeans! I’ve never owned a pair until now because I thought only the pencil thin could pull them off, but I love them… especially with boots! Also loving Pinterest for fashion ideas lately.

4. I have a serious penchant for scooping up roadside finds… the idea of transformation makes me giddy. And yesterday I saw the exact same table that I picked up off the side of the road in a picture on Tanya’s blog (above). I told my hubby it was a good table! Solid teak, made in the United States.

5. I have been gluten free for almost two years exactly, and although it’s no walk in the park, at least I still have soup. I’ve been told by a certain four-year old that my squash soup is his FAVE… with potato leek a close second.

6. I recently started bootcamp with a bunch of the moms in my neighborhood. On the first day I felt like I had ripped every muscle in my body. I don’t enjoy exercising. I have so few free moments that it feels like a shame to waste them sweating when I could be getting something done!

7. I’m very excited! Jason’s plane just touched down into Vancouver! He’s been in LA surfing with a friend for five LONG days. We’ve surfed in Tofino together, and he’s surfed in Maui, but this is the first time in California! I’m SO GLAD that he’s home!!

If you’re curious, there are some more tidbits about myself in this post, from my last blog award.

Passing along this award to some super sweet bloggers:

Photo Credits: FlutterFlutter / Rosa Pearson Design / Clothes / Table / Soup / Bootcamp / Surfing

Blog Award



Barbara, over at hodge:podge passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to me! You’ll want to check out her inspiring blog. Barbara is also one of the amazing woman behind Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers West. Looking forward to meeting them all in person next week! If you’re a westcoast blogger, you can join too! Thanks Barbara!

Part of the deal is that I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself… so here goes:

1. I have BIG feet. Size 11.5A shoes. Try shopping for those! The only way I can find shoes… Winners, Ingledews Outlet, and cross border shopping at Nordstrom Rack. Do you like how my awesome new apron distracts you from the huge feet below?

2. I have faith that life has a purpose, and that there is always hope.

3. I’ve been married for 13 fabulous years and counting… I got married at 21! If you’re keen to know how old I am, here’s the part where you can do some math… ; )

4. Tofino is my one of my favorite places on earth. Right up there with France. I learned to surf in Tofino. Can’t wait to go back this summer!

5. Twitter. For the longest time I didn’t get it. Now I’m tweeting. And I get it. If you are too, come find me! @flutterflutters (note the s on the end)

6. Pinterest is another thing I didn’t think I had time for… hahahahaha! Ya, I’m really happy I got over that! You really must join me there… : )

7. And last but not least, today is my BIRTHDAY! I got woken up by the boys as they jumped up and down saying “Present Time Mommy, present time!!” I’m a pretty lucky lady.

Passing on the award to: So Much to Love, Little Pin Cushion Studio, Walking the Rocks, Sadie + Stella, Stellacake.

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