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Love For The Lorax



We were really excited to take the boys to see The Lorax, since there haven’t been many kids movies worth seeing in the theatre for a while. Now I find myself loving all things Lorax. It’s those beautiful truffula trees that really captivated me – gorgeous pinks, yellows and oranges. Cotton candy is the secret ingredient for these Truffula tree toppers over at Hank & Hunt.

This DIY Lorax Pinata, featured over at Babble, looks fun to make! And WhiskerWorks carries this Lorax-inspired mustache-on-a-stick! Makes me want to have a Lorax party! Someone have a birthday already!! 😉

Photo Credits: Hank & Hunt, Babble by Handmade Charlotte, Whisker Works.

Friday Potluck Party!



The weather report is looking pretty bleak here in Vancouver, nothing but rain. So, in response to the hostile takeover I am cooking accordingly, and thought I’d invite you to join me! Potluck time people!

These Crash Hot Potatoes would go nicely with my roast chicken, so I’m hoping Ree will bring them to share at the party!

Lisa, can you bring the veggies, please? Your Jewel Roasted Vegetables look so yummy! And healthy too, of course – you’re good at healthy!

Janice, can I talk you into joining us with your Blueberry Almond Clafoutis! I’m a sucker for gluten free desserts that also look this amazing!

And Ana, I think your hot chocolate recipe would be perfect to mix up after dinner, don’t you? We could all move outside to the heated patio to enjoy while we laugh the night away… what do you think?

Shelter Island House #2 contemporary patio

So, who wants to come! What would you like to bring? I’d love to hear your favorite food or drink for a cold night, and feel free to share a link if you’ve posted a recipe that you think we should know about!

Welcome to the weekend! Have a great one!

PS – That is NOT my backyard. But, would happily spend the night feasting with you there should they invite us. 😉

Photo Credits: 1,2 Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter), Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), Lisa Thiele (With Style & Grace),Janice Nicolay (Pinecone Camp), Ana Degenaar (Blog Milk), SchappacherWhite Ltd on Houzz via Pinterest.

Race Car Birthday Wrap Up



We spent Saturday celebrating this little guy’s 5th birthday with his favorite things… cars! I love having a theme for a party, but I also like to keep things simple. So, instead of buying Hot Wheels tablecloths, napkins, etc. I bought items that could be reused in the future and adapted them to work with our race car theme.

I also staggered black & white napkins for the look of a checkered flag.

I’m thrilled that Kellogg’s has made Gluten Free Rice Krispies available in Canada now… since I was able to make mini Traffic Lights for him!

And here are the License Plate Thank You’s that I made last week, now attached to the take home gifts!

I hope you had a great weekend! What did you get up to?

Race to the Weekend



It’s a race to the weekend for different reasons this week! Our youngest is turning 5 on Saturday! And Friday is a Pro-D Day! Yikes!! So far I’ve been working on race car invitations, and license plate thank you notes to attach to the take home gifts, as well as planning some pretty fun race-themed food! I’ll be back on Monday to share some pics of the big event! We’ll be hosting the kids party in the morning, followed by a party for family in the afternoon, so I imagine that we’ll all be crashing hard on Sunday.

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend? Know any good party games?

Whatever you’re up to, have a great one! I’ll see you on Monday!!

Design & Photo Credit: Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter)

IDSwest & Blend



I have to start off by saying that I don’t have weekends like this very often!! Thursday’s IDSwest Opening Night kicked the weekend off to an early start, and the momentum pretty much stayed strong until Sunday!

On Saturday I got to hear Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen banter back and forth while discussing her & and husband Arriz Hassam‘s amazing cottage (above), which is featured in the current House & Home magazine. I found this H&H video if you want to hear some more about it too!

Then, I spent some time interviewing Brent Comber, who definitely deserves his reputation of being a great guy. That will be coming soon!

Fast forward to Saturday night, and after a wardrobe change, the Canadian Design Bloggers West met up for Blend!! Suzanne Dimma, Mark Challen, and Kelly Deck all came out for the party! And IKEA Canada, who sponsored our entire party, was there too! And you should see the huge swag bags we took home… wow!!

Members Erica, Tracey, Sarah, and Tamara, all looking fabulous!!

Suzanne has such an amazing sense of style. It was great to chat with her!!

And of course, this post would not be complete without a huge thank you to Barbara, Nancy, Karla, and Victoria, who organized the event! I look forward to doing this again next year!!

Photo Credits: 1. Sari McNamee 2. House & Home 3. Jacqueline Mavin 4. Sari McNamee 5. Rosa Pearson 6. Michelle Molinga 7. Sari McNamee

The Big 4-0!



If you’ve wondered why I’ve been blogging less, other than the fact that it’s summer, this is the answer! I have spent all child-free moments planning for the parties that happened here last weekend. On Saturday the family party started early so that the kids could help celebrate Jason’s 40th birthday! And, keeping with tradition, my mom brought one of her delicious homemade birthday cakes.

Saturday evening was a backyard BBQ with good food, friends, and a fire in the firepit! Yes, you can see the finished patio in all it’s glory to the left of Jason, where he sits eagerly awaiting cupcakes by the fire. We still need to landscape, but it’s done!! It was great to have the parties in our backyard to break in the patio!

With Style & Grace, my go-to food blog, was the inspiration behind these Caprese Skewers that I served up as an appy that night. I took the pic before I drizzled on the balsamic, but you get the idea… very yummy, and so pretty!

Today we are celebrating another big 40th! It is my mom & dad’s 40th wedding anniversary!! I made up this card in honor of the big day! Congratulations to you both!!

Dick Tracy Birthday Party



We headed out to my friend Heather’s house this weekend to celebrate the birthdays of her two sons, along with her family and friends. Heather and I go way back to junior high, and even went to design school together. It’s always amazing to see what she comes up with! So talented!!

Comic book inspired signage and labels for the take home bags.

She found these edible Dick Tracy wafer papers from this Etsy shop.

And, of course, vintage inspired candy, which my six year old hid, along with a pair of scissors, under his stuffed animals in his bed that night!

And in case that wasn’t enough, she designed an owl cake for her youngest, since they are his favourite! I had to share!

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