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I Choose You




I CHOOSE YOU. I have had these three simple words on my mind for months now. Uppercase Magazine inspired me to pick up a pen and play around with hand lettering the words, which was so much fun. Those professional hand letterers make it look so easy, but I think I’d have to practice for years to achieve their effortless look. Then I played around in Illustrator, with fonts and colours and shapes, and printed one to hang on my office cork board. I’m a visual person, so that’s what I do when words won’t leave my mind. What do you do?

I Choose You

This one is my favourite. Two separate fonts overlapping to create something more dynamic than either font on its own, yet still retaining their own unique character. Kind of like relationships, don’t you think? And do you see how the two o’s merge to create the infinity circle? That’s my favorite part.

Speaking of my favourite things… this is my eighteenth Valentine’s Day with Jason! It’s hard to believe that I’ve known Jason for 21 years! We met at a friend’s church youth group when I was only 14. He was twenty, sarcastic, fun loving, and one of the youth leaders. (I know! The scandal of it all!) I told my junior high girlfriends that this was the man I was going to marry, but that he just didn’t know it yet. And he didn’t. But I knew, and I knew he’d figure it out eventually. He finally asked me out when I was 17. And the rest, as they say, is history. We’ve been married for nearly 15 years now, and I would choose him again in a heartbeat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Holiday Gift Tags



As a blogger I find that my holiday spirit arrives a little earlier in the season than it used to, thanks to all of the media events going on. As a result, my tree is already up, I’m half way done decorating, and I find myself illustrating gift tags! I had a fun time designing these to coordinate with all the red & white twine and kraft paper that I picked up at IKEA recently. I’ve updated the shop if you want to download and print these off! Or, I can do it for you!

Design & Photo Credit: © Rosa Pearson


Happy Friday!



This is how the back of my juju hat design looks now. It has changed since I first created the tutorial. I love the subtle little face hidden away on the back! For those of you that ordered one this week, thank you!

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend!




It’s been a week full of rain showers here in Vancouver, and there’s more to come this weekend… bridal showers that is. My little sis is getting married in less than a month! I’ll be hosting a bridal shower for her here on Saturday.

1. Douglas + Bec Cloud Pillow 2. JDWolfe Pottery Cloud Plate 3. Snug Studio Cloud Cutting Board 4. Letterpress Delicacies Bolts & Clouds Letterpress Card

Don’t you just love these “Shower” themed party decor ideas from Lisa Storm over on the Fiskars site! Perfect for any baby or bridal shower.

Looking for more clouds? Kirsten has a great roundup of DIY Cloud Art in this post. Or you can make a DIY Paper Cloud Mobile over at Hellobee.

I hope that you have a great weekend whatever the weather!

You’re the One…



I gave you a peek into the inspiration for my latest art print when I posted this video. I never know when inspiration will hit, but when it does I run with it. As soon as I heard The Sound of Sunshine I knew this line was going to stay in my head until I did something with it.

I framed the print and put it on the wall in our master bedroom, because it perfectly sums up how I feel. But, it’s not there anymore because a mom friend from school bought it, frame and all, and gave it to her hubby for their 20th wedding anniversary. Isn’t that the sweetest! I must admit that the romantic in me thinks this would be the perfect prelude to a proposal… can you imagine!

I hope you’re having a good start to your week!

Sweet Sweet Friday



I’ve been interviewed by Barbara of hodge:podge for her “So Canadian Eh” Series! You can check it out today right here!!

Here are some other things that I think you might enjoy:

  1. I am probably the worst dinner guest, but this might help!
  2. This is the cutest breakfast idea, and kids can make their own.
  3. I want to try this Swiss Army Inspired DIY.
  4. For the photography lovers out there, this one‘s for you. (Thnx Kathy!)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

PS – I took this pic while prepping a salad last weekend. I love Spring! The fabulous turquoise backdrop is actually one of my new dish cloths from 2jacs!

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!



Today I’m really excited to share a poster that I’ve designed for kids! Based on the famous quote by Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!” is the first in a series of typographic poster designs that will be making their way to my Etsy shop soon!

This one is available now over at Flutter Flutter Studio!

Photography & Design Credits: Rosa Pearson (FlutterFlutter)

Love For The Lorax



We were really excited to take the boys to see The Lorax, since there haven’t been many kids movies worth seeing in the theatre for a while. Now I find myself loving all things Lorax. It’s those beautiful truffula trees that really captivated me – gorgeous pinks, yellows and oranges. Cotton candy is the secret ingredient for these Truffula tree toppers over at Hank & Hunt.

This DIY Lorax Pinata, featured over at Babble, looks fun to make! And WhiskerWorks carries this Lorax-inspired mustache-on-a-stick! Makes me want to have a Lorax party! Someone have a birthday already!! 😉

Photo Credits: Hank & Hunt, Babble by Handmade Charlotte, Whisker Works.

Seeing Spots



All the paint fumes have me seeing spots, and aren’t they fabulous! I would love to have some of these in our home. I’ve been frantically painting baseboards and door jams so that the doors and all the trim can be installed in the laundry/mud room today! I’m hoping to fit in a client meeting and coat of paint on the walls before the contractor shows up… aiming too high? Maybe, I’ll let you know. 😉

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Celebrating Valentine’s Day early? Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a great weekend!

Photo Credits: Interiormagasinet Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer via The Style Files, Cocoa & Hearts via MadeByGirl, Minakani Walls, VioletMay.

Gifts for Ninja Lovers



Are there any other ninja lovers out there? I’ve got a couple at this house, and so I loved to see Anthology Magazine feature these fantastic Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters, which I ended up finding at my local Chapters Indigo!

I bought Namu’s “We are Ninja’s” T-shirt at the One of a Kind Show last weekend. If you missed the show, you can still find this on her Etsy shop!

This poster will be rocking Jason’s office… I originally saw it in Interior Design, and it’s now available to purchase on Zazzle.

Jason has been banned from reading my blog until Christmas has passed, just in case you were wondering why I was posting about future gifts. 😉

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