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I learned a lesson last week, and thought I’d share, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t already know this. [Insert hand hitting forehead.] Remember how I was going to be painting some stripes? Yes, well, that plan failed. You see, I discovered that winter is not a great time to paint, even inside! Who knew?! The paint bubbled! INSIDE! Granted, I didn’t think about turning on the baseboard heater in Cole’s room before I started, and it was snowing outside, but I really didn’t think the walls would be THAT cold. Apparently I was wrong. So, I only got as far as the white stripes, and there are some areas that I’ll be sanding and repainting once the weather warms up. Lesson learned.

Since I now have some extra time before the stripes happen, I thought that I’d poll you all to find out what painters tape you use? I probably should have chosen less contrast for my first set of stripes! I really don’t want to have navy blue paint seeping under the tape and onto the white… so please let me know if you have a personal favourite!

PS – I realize that this picture has nothing to do with painting, or stripes, but no one needs to see bubbled paint drying. Instead, I thought I’d share a pic of the stool and bird that I just found at Target. I’m loving them!


  • Elaine - visual meringue

    Oh no! NO fun. My fave painters tape is just the green frog brand. Seems to work a bit better than the others I’ve tried. I did stripes too in my son’s room.
    you can see the full room here if interested 🙂

  • janet @ ordinary mom

    When I painted stripes in my bathroom (before I repainted them back), I used regular green painters tape but I did the trick where I painted over the edges with the base colour to seal the tape. Just like she does here (http://honeywerehome.blogspot.ca/2013/08/how-to-paint-perfect-wide-stripes.html). Worked awesome. 🙂

    Good luck! Can’t wait for the weather to warm up. Sigh! It’s taking forever!!!

  • janis-pinecone camp

    Oops. I paint only when I can have all the windows open, so warmer weather, and….my brother is an architect, and I have received paint warnings from him 😉 As for tape, I use a blue one, but can’t recall the name of it. It worked well and peeled off easily.

    • Rosa

      Well, it’s not snowing now, so I think I might try to finish the project this weekend. Here’s hoping… 😉

  • Tracey

    Ha! I have to laugh because I saw this picture and it is so you! Love the bench and that bird seems to shout “Rosa” As for painting in the winter …… we have painted in the winter and we actually painted stripes too at the time. We had no problem and used the green tape. I remember it was snowing out that day too. BUT I have to add that our walls are plaster because we live in an old house so that might have something to do with it. Hmmm now I’m wondering. Will google today out of curiosity.

    • Rosa

      Thanks Tracey! I’m glad to hear you had success with stripes in winter, because I’m not patient enough to wait until the heat returns!

  • Heather @ InteriorGroupie

    Bummer! I do love the stool however 🙂

  • Shelley

    When I did the stripes in my daughter’s room, I do recall it was Spring, almost Summer, so can’t say the bubbling happened to me, and come to think of it, I don’t even know if I would have thought it would if I did it in the Winter, but now I know:) I used the green frog brand as well, and just ran a credit card to seal up the edges tight and had no problems with bleeding. Good luck finishing up and crossing fingers for you! (PS: LOVE that stool!).

  • Heather

    I also prefer frog tape – it’s the best one!

    • Rosa

      I’m a believer! Thanks for the suggestion, I just used it to finish the stripes and it worked like a charm!! 🙂

  • Inspire Me Heather

    Oh no on the paint bubbling!! I don’t like waiting to paint, nope. Good luck when it does warm up and I’ll be interested to hear which painters tape you used!

  • Kathryn

    I use frog tape for stripes. Just make sure you take a flat edge and really push down the edge of the tape that’s getting the paint. I did navy/white stripes and had no bleeding (well a touch where there was a bump in the wall that I missed) I hope it goes better for you when it warms up!

  • Sara K {SaigeWisdom}

    NOOO!! I had no idea paint would bubble in colder weather! I’ve been painting all winter and haven’t run into issues – I just run fans to keep the humidity down. Were you using PARA? not to sound like their spokesperson or anything, but it’s by far the best paint I’ve ever used, no issues. PLUS I hear they’re really into partnering with bloggers on projects – maybe worth an email to Brittany 😉 Can’t wait to see the stripes (said the girl with the stripe infatuation). xo

  • Sheila Zeller

    What a bummer – especially when the weather outside is perfect for getting thing done inside! I have been holding off on a staining project because of the cold, and almost talked myself into moving ahead with a space heater going – it was the cost of running the space heater that I wasn’t loving, but now… I’m convinced waiting for the weather to warm is the right thing to do! Thanks for sharing this with us, Rosa! Love your new stool and bird – the bird reminds me of the Eames black house bird!!

  • Heather LaRoy

    I had great success with painting some stripes recently in my hallway. In my recent blog post I note a couple of the tips I found that allowed me to do a crisp job: http://fabrictherapy.ca/2014/05/27/elegant-entry/
    Good luck in your son’s room. I’m pretty confident that you can do an amazing job at anything you set your hands to.

  • Heather LaRoy

    Whoops. Just realized you already finished the job. Can’t wait to see it.

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