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Have you made a list of all the projects that you want to tackle this Spring/Summer? With all the sunshine that we had over Spring Break, we’ve actually started to check some things off of our LONG list already! The adirondack chairs that were sitting in boxes for two years waiting to be stained and assembled… CHECK! Emptying out and organizing our pantry… CHECK! Gardening… well, we’re slowly making headway each year on that front. There is so much still to learn!


Are you as impressed as I am with how my friend Angela organized all of her kids art supplies! She simply spray painted some tin cans in fresh Spring colours and divided up the supplies! And four large baskets underneath store the paper and all of their creations! Perfect!


A project that has forever been on the list is printing the bazillion photos that are hanging out in the ether. You too? I don’t know many people that aren’t a couple years behind on that one! Christine, of Just Bella, had a great idea to take all of her Instagram pictures and create a Blurb Photo Book, and I knew I’d be making one as soon as I saw it. If you’ve been wanting to make a book, I’ve got good news… Blurb is offering 25% off to you until April 14th! Sometimes it helps to have a deadline on things like this, right?!

Speaking of deadlines… I need to focus on the big ticket items on our list… adding trim and replacing all the windows, and painting the exterior of the house. Any readers have a window company that they would recommend? Or brand of windows that you’re happy with? There are so many options out there that I’ve put off making a decision for a couple of years already! I need to get on it! Suggestions please!

You can redeem the Blurb offer with this code: BLOG414

Photo Credits: #1 – 4 Rosa Pearson, #5 Christine (Just Bella)

* Offer valid through April 14, 2013 (11:59 p.m. local time). A 25% discount is applied toward your product total. Maximum discount is CAD $100 off product total. Valid for printed books only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.


  • Raielene

    We’ve had Centra Windows put in two of our houses and love them! You go through the whole energy evaluation at the same time, and there’s a real difference afterwards! I actually notice it the most in the summer… our house feels like it’s air conditioned if I leave them closed! If you end up going with them, they have a referral system… drop my name and I’ll split the $200 with you!

  • heather @ grillfusion.me

    Love blurb!! Super easy to use and so quick – Love your pantry 🙂

  • ange k

    Thanks for including me in your blog Rosa!! I take that as the HIGHEST compliment coming from you! Am LOVING your blog BTW…soooo inspirational!! =)

  • Sheila @ SZInteriors

    I am so impressed by all of your to do’s that are done! Your pantry looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see the Adirondack chairs in action 🙂 My to do list, on the other hand, is way out of control. I’m not quite sure what happened, but it feels like I was rolling along, and then woke up one morning with a million half finished projects… and when I looked at the garden and saw the weeds, well I added one more, LOL! Have a great weekend, Rosa!

  • Jess

    I ‘m inspired! love the Blurb idea. As for spring cleaning we reorganized our crawl space and all the closets this last week, painful but it feels good afterwards. We put in Vinyltek windows a few years ago with Eco West Renovations doing the work. We were very happy with the quality, it’s definitely not the cheapest option but they are well made.

  • janis-pinecone camp

    We’ve done blurb book, iBooks, and my publisher. Love putting together albums! Your happy painted tin cans are so cute!

  • Tracey

    This is such an inspiring time of the year to start these projects! Isn’t Blurb great???? I can’t wait to sip wine/s and sit in your new chairs in your backyard and see all the prettiness that you have created ~ hint hint !!!!

  • Amy Walters, A DESIGN DOCK

    I hear ya….those spring to-do lists never end, do they?
    I’ve been meaning to do something with my photos FOREVER. I’ve taken more pictures in the last two and half years than I have my entire life, and I haven’t printed even one of them. Ouch. Really gotta get on that.

    Good luck with your list. Cheers!

    • Johanne

      Thanks for your beautiful blog – Your enthusiasm is contagious! Replacing windows: well we went through a carpenter/contractor who sourced our 7 wood frame, double pane windows from Heritage Millwork and Windows; website modernheritage.ca The seal in one of the large windows actually failed (discovered lots of condensation on a cold January day) and (after sending photos, emails, time, etc.) the company sent over a window tech to replace the window. There may be other more local sources but we’re really happy with the new warmth & quiet from having these new windows. Best wishes in your reno projects! (you can contact me if you need more info)

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