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I walked into Chapters yesterday and made up for lost time on the Christmas shopping front. Thank goodness! I have been sick for almost FOUR weeks people! My energy is slowly returning and there is MUCH to be done! Please don’t tell me if you’re done and wrapped already. If you are, I’m really happy for you… really. I know how good that feels! I am not there. Yet. But, in the meantime, I thought that I’d share one of my purchases, in case you are looking for ideas too!

I have a confession. I often buy children’s books purely for the pretty pictures. Gasp! Sometimes without even flipping through. Secretly (not so secretly anymore, I suppose) I feel that if a book is well illustrated that the story somehow HAS to be superior. You all agree, right? However misguided, I may be on to something, because the writing in the books is often very clever too! Our boys’ longtime favorite author/illustrator is Oliver Jeffers, with many of his books (Lost & Found, How to Catch a Star, etc) already gracing our shelves. So, when I saw This Moose Belongs to Me sitting on the shelf, it was an obvious choice! At the end of the day, when I get to cuddle up and read stories with the boys, the designer in me is happy that the boys love the “pretty pictures” as much as the story they are telling.

Do you have a favorite author/illustrator? Have you bought any fun books for your kids this year? If so, please share!


  • Tracey

    Indont get to see many kids books but I do remember as a child I loved read James and the Giant Peach, there weren’t many pictures but it congered up some pretty interesting ones in my head.

  • amy walters, aDESIGNdock

    Oh you’re photography, Rosa! It’s always soooooo beautiful.

  • heather @ grillfusion.me

    My Favorite author as a kids was Bill Peet, and I have managed to collect all but 4 of them for the kids! Glad you got to Chapters this weekend 🙂

  • Dawna Jones

    I think a book adult or child is always about the pictures,so I’m with you on that one! I’m glad your feeling a bit better here’s hoping it stays that way!

  • meesh@idreamofchairs

    Oh my, sounds like you are sick again! You poor thing, please get better soon! I don’t have any little ones to buy books for but I’ve always been drawn to the illustrations first. You know it’s a good book if you can pick up on the gist of the story by the pictures alone.

  • Jen @ ramblingrenovators

    I buy Oliver jeffers books for the exact same reason 😉 hope you’re all on the mend now.

  • julia [life on churchill]

    beautiful! My kids have enjoyed the Mo Willems books this year. and I have a weakness for vintage children’s books. Gyo fujikawa is a favorite.

  • Claudia Schönmetzler

    I still need to buy and wrap Christmas presents, though, each year I swear I buy presents throughout the year, but for years now I am only ending up doing it on the last day.
    This year is different though, as one of my boys died in May 2012 (21 years) and I thought what the heck, I do not need CHristmas at all. But having 2 other boys and a niece with two boys (1 and 5 years) I will have a small celebration after all…
    I always used to buy books for my boys for Christmas or birthdays…I even did some poems on the 4 seasons and a zoo poem for them, they are in German though,but I would love to publish them,but would need someone to illustrated for me and to help me with the publishing, as I am new to this…..maybe someone out there with some tips?
    Have a great Christmas

    • Rosa

      Claudia, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how hard it must be at this time of year. I don’t have any experience with publishing, but maybe a reader might be able to help you out. Thanks for sharing your story here Claudia.

  • Pete

    We’re mad Oliver Jeffers fans at our place. Hi illustrations are awesome. Interesting fact, he’s actually a fine artist too. One of our favourites (I mean mine) is the The incredible book eating boy. “Two plus six equals elephant” Best line ever. We Just borrowed another from the library called Stuck. Laugh out loud funny. Our boys loved it almost as much as me.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Jen

    Hi Rosa, you may like to check out a couple of books by Jane Goodwin and illustrated by Anna walker. Beautiful rhyming text and delightful illustrations.

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