The Morgan Sofa by Bensen



I fell in love with this sofa last weekend when I was at Inform‘s booth on opening night at IDSwest. It is the Bensen Morgan sofa, and it is so comfortable – I think we could have a wonderful relationship. But I’ll be honest, I have no idea how much it costs, and I’m kind of afraid to find out. You see, the reality is that I have two little guys with frequently dirty hands… so slipcovers might be a better fit for our current reality. Maybe.

I had the chance to tour the Bensen Factory early this summer when I went to the preview for IDSwest, but I realize now that I never posted any pictures of it! So here you go! It was so clean, organized, and spacious. Let’s hear it for furniture made right here in Vancouver!

Now I’m curious… Do you buy the furniture pieces you love, even if your kids or pets may ruin them? If so, what is your super secret stain remover? Or do you have one of “those” living rooms that no one is allowed to enter? No judgement. 😉 Haha, now I’m really curious, so do tell!


  • Sheila @ SZInteriors

    Great sofa, and lucky you to have a preview tour! As for stain remover, I always request the scotch guard extra, and go for broke! When my daughter was younger and had her little friends over, I also used arm covers – easy to remove and throw in the wash! They are now long gone, but definitely helped keep that hard wearing area protected back in the day!

  • meesh@idreamofchairs

    It is a gorgeous sofa! I’m saving to buy a beloved and expensive chair. I don’t have little ones, except a furry one. And she’ll be allowed on only if there’s a blanket atop for protection from her little claws and drool. I agree with Sheila, scotch guard would definitely be in order.

  • amy walters, aDESIGNdock

    Hmm…well I don’t have pets or kids, but I imagine I’d be opting for second hand if I did!
    Love the Morgan Sofa. The lines are fantastic – just the right balance of clean lines and cushiness!

  • Danielle Hardy

    I had to wait till my kids were old enough to handle anything. We had no coffee table for the first 3 years of their life, our main couch is leather and I did splurge on my favorite circle comfy couch. THAT is the one that has me checking for dirty feet and hands before anyone plants themselves down. I also may put down a blanket (or two) that people sit on for extra protection. Yup, I’m THAT mom.

    Don’t judge 😉

    • Rosa

      Haha! No judgement! Leather is smart with kids… I’d imagine that any dirt that gets past you probably doesn’t show up too much either! Smart.

  • Dajana

    Hi Rosa! I love this sofa and can imagine myself lounging on it, beverage in hand. (: We have a dog but she’s not allowed on the furniture, with the exception of “her” chair, an old IKea poang.

    p.s. Thanks so much for the friendly welcome and for stopping by my blog.

  • colleen

    HI rosa…the only thing we did to kid proof out home with the kids when they where little was clear off the family room coffee table…and they used (use) the whole house!
    Buy what you love & scotchgaurd it!

  • Jen

    This sofa does have slipcovers (we just ordered it and are so excited)!

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