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I thought that I’d do a follow up post about organization. I’m hearing lots of people planning kitchen reno’s, so I thought that this time I’d focus there.

My first suggestion is to find room for a pull out garbage. Even if you only have a narrow space available it can still work. When we were in the planning stages, my friend Jenny from Oakville looked over our kitchen design and found a way to squeeze one in. Yay!  It’s one of my favorite things!! Instead of one garbage can, I opted for two small containers… one for recycling items, one for garbage waste. They are small, so the garbage never gets around to being too smelly before it needs to go out!

If you have a peninsula in your kitchen, and have three corners to play with, then I have a suggestion for you. Don’t make all of them into corner cabinets! I sectioned the exterior of our peninsula into three even panels, and had one of them open to access four sliding shelves. LOVE the shelves! I find myself in the kitchen a LOT – it’s the center of activity around here – so most of the time my laptop sits on the kitchen counter. When I need to print something out I just slide out the top shelf to access my printer and paper, etc. The rest of the shelves have shallow baskets to organize phone chargers, place mats, etc.

This shot may not look like much, but pay close attention! This is the cabinet above the fridge. Do you see those two vertical dividers? Because this cabinet is usually deeper and taller than any of the others it is the perfect place to store large platters, griddles, liquor, etc. I LOVE having them stored vertically. They slide out so easily when needed!

My final must-have in the kitchen area – a bulletin board! At our house it’s always loaded up with school notices, kids artwork, and the calendar. Super handy! Oh, just ignore the mud that still remains from tiling the back splash. And the paper bonanza going on… focus instead on the new West Elm drapes that we installed in the dark!

If you’re planning your dream kitchen, or just trying to retrofit to make better use of the space, I hope this helps! Now go conquer your kitchens!!


  • Sheila @ SZInteriors

    Great post, Rosa! I LOVE your kitchen, and I’m in love with its function. Great drapes, too, BTW 🙂

  • Janet @ house four

    I will second the garbage/recycling pull-out.
    We put the same thing in our island (ours is two bins just for recycling) and while it takes up significant real estate in the island, It has saved me so much time that I would do the same thing again in a heartbeat. When i think bacak about the nmber of trips I used to make to the garage to put something in the blue box it makes me crazy! Now we empty the containers once per week and that’s it!
    LOVE your kitchen Rosa. i’m envious of those roll-out shelves!

  • Anne

    Great ideas Rosa! I love the dividers in the fridge cabinet!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • homestilo

    Great tips. I’m in total agreement on the pull out trash bin!

  • Meesh@idreamofchairs

    Hiding the printer in the roll out shelves is super smart. I find printers are always an eyesore no matter where they are… you’ve completely eliminated that problem! Nice!

  • barbara@hodge:podge

    Still green with envy. I had pull out garbage/recycling in my fabulous new kitchen in our home in Virginia – miss that!

  • Tracey

    As I’ve said before, your kitchen is fabulous. I say this because we have similar taste :-). But when we designed our kitchen, we had no idea about these awesome features. We redid our kitchen about 6 years ago and I wish I knew about this stuff. Regardless, our kitchen works for us but I’ve learned some lessons along the way and know ten times more than I did 6 years ago.

  • carol@thedesignpages

    You may have inspired a very large project for me. I have been trying to decide what to do with the family computer in our family room. I despise the look of the printer just hanging out.

  • The Simply Inspired Home

    Lovely ideas, I especially love the pull out garbage area. I wish my plumbing could accomdate that.

    Keep it up!

  • Sandra

    We used to have the pull out garbage but when we moved back to Vancouver last August, the house we bought has a newish kitchen without it! Gah…

    Organization is EVERYTHING, eh? My friends tease me about being organized but it makes life so.much.easier….

  • Kelly @ JAX does design

    Great kitchen organization tips 🙂 I have a similar setup to your over-the-fridge cupboard in my kitchen. There’s a narrow & deep cupboard right next to the oven, so it’s the perfect spot for storing cookie sheets. Never thought to put platters there, though – thanks for the idea 🙂

    Your kitchen looks great, and even more importantly, it looks and sounds like it’s perfectly functional for you 🙂

  • Kate

    Wow I love this kitchen! We are planning our own Kitchen remodel. Any chance we could get some more information on where the materials are from and roughly how much it cost?

    • Rosa

      Thanks Kate! I’m glad you like it! The tile backsplash is from Olympia Tile, and the kitchen was custom, so it was more expensive than getting an Ikea kitchen, but not that bad since we worked with a small kitchen company with low overhead. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business, since their building burnt down a year after we used them, so I can’t help you there.

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