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My hubby surprised me with an iPhone for Christmas, and I’m so excited!! (And intimidated, if I’m being honest.) I have had a flip phone FOR-ever. You know, the kind where a phone is just a phone?! There seems to be so much to learn when you add a camera, music, email, etc. but I’m hoping for a fairly easy learning curve since I’m already on a Mac. Fingers crossed!

When I was in Seattle, I was searching for a case for my new phone, and instantly fell in love with the colour of this one. I love the gold & white design of this Kate Spade case… but the reviews on this were way better, and the colour makes me smile.

Speaking of color, have you heard of Pantone? As a graphic designer I rely on Pantone swatch books to show clients what colors will look like after they are printed. But did you know that they choose a “Color of the Year”? The color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango (Pantone 17-1463). Look familiar?

I’m off with a girlfriend tonight for a night on the town, but hope to play around with my new phone this weekend. Do you have an iPhone? If so, what are your favorite apps? Any tips? I hope you have a great weekend!


  • Meesh@idreamofchairs

    Oh Rosa, you are going to LOVE your new iPhone! It’s a whole new world! My favorite apps right now…Instagram (camera app), Flipboard (all your social media in one place), and Evernote (sort of a note taking, bookmarking app – syncs with Evernote on my computer).

  • Jessica

    instagram…you will love it!

  • barbara@hodge:podge

    I LOVE my iPhone. I have all that Meesh has but also LOVE my free Cdn House and Home app, Colour Splash, Camera Plus, Pinterest, Neer, Houzz App!

  • janis - pinecone camp

    You will love your iPhone! Have fun! I love Pantone and those mugs. Tangerine Tango is a pretty peppy colour. Wasn’t it Honeysuckle Pink last year?

  • Tracey

    Hey Rosa ……. Remodelista, pinterest, H&H, What’sApp, Instagram, Shazam, Angry Bird, Million Face. Some you’ve heard of, some not but those are some of my favorites. Have fun!

  • Raielene

    You are going to *love* your new iPhone! In a few short months (or weeks even) you’ll look back and wonder how you ever survived without one!

    My husband hates iPhone (he’s an Android boy), and if I’m being completely honest I *do* hate how they force their products on you. (e.g. I have the Amazon Kindle app… a few months ago Apple forced them to remove the link to their store so you now have to go to the website and then back instead of following the convenient link… everyone is guessing they did this to hinder their competition as they’re really pushing iBooks. If you’re looking for books to read on your iPhone (*so* convenient when you suddenly find yourself at the doctor’s office or waiting in a long line somewhere), Kindle ebooks are cheaper and there’s way more selection.

    Where was I? Oh yes! Other than things like that, you’ll love your phone! I can see why Rob likes his Android, but love my Mac and love how they work together.

    My most used apps…

    Facebook (of course)
    Kindle (as mentioned)
    OurGroceries (it’s not a pretty app, but my husband has it on his phone and we can sync our grocery lists in case one of us drops by the store),
    Instagram (a fun to app to add effects to your pictures… there’s a Photoshop app but I never used it… just not enough features compared to the full program and I never saw the point in working that small) I used to like Photogene as well, but my new 4S can do a lot of that right in the camera area now.
    Shazam or SoundHound
    …and more….

  • Janet@ House Four

    Have fun with the new phone, Rosa 🙂 I got an iPad for Christmas (I have a Blackberry phone) and I’m loving it so far. I also love Flipboard and the Percolator app. Sad to admit but I’m also spending more time than I’d like playing Angry Birds 😉

  • Danielle Hardy

    I got a new iphone for christmas too. Nice hubbys we have 🙂 At least you had a flip phone.. I haven’t had a cell for 8 YEARS!!! do you know how crazy that is? 8 YEARS!!!! needless to say, I am thoroughly enjoying living the “i” life now 🙂

  • Cate Wnek

    Nice post and great comments! Lately, I have been very into that Tangerine Tango color and paired with deep magenta – how funny! I have been a giant fan of my iPhone 4 – and then my husband got me the iPhone 4S for the improved camera. I love it! My favorite new app is Snapseed. It is the BEST for editing photos very quickly and easily right on your iPhone, or iPad, if you get one of those one day. It can do a lot more than Instagram without being overly complicated. I LOVE IT! My 5D is getting a little dusty the 4S with Snapseed is so awesome! I am going to go check out some of the above mentioned apps now!

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