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Jason and I just got back from a much needed night away in Seattle, without kids! It took us five hours to get there, since the border was a mess of holiday travelers, and we ran into a snowstorm on the way back, but it was worth it. We enjoyed the abnormal amount of uninterrupted talking, shopping, eating, and walking… by ourselves. It was wonderful. And the hotel was amazing! A little bit of luxury for one night in the recently renovated Alexis Hotel. We’ll be staying there again next time we’re in Seattle! I love boutique hotels.

My favorite part of cross border shopping is checking out the latest offerings from stores that we don’t have in Vancouver… Nordstrom Rack, for jeans and shoes, Crate & Barrel, for furniture and home, Anthropologie, for clothes, Watson Kennedy, for those beautiful treasures. What are your favorite shopping places south of the border? Am I missing any gems?

The Land of Nod, and the overwhelmingly amazing University Village, was new to me this time around, and I fell in love with The Land of Nod bunk beds and the idea of the boys sharing a room. Although I don’t know if the reality of room sharing would be as ideal as the bunk beds themselves. Anyone tried having their kids share a room before?


  • Jamie

    Crazily enough…I just made the comment to Ry tonight that I think when the boys get a little older maybe we can have them share a room with bunk beds until they get older. Then we have a playroom with table and chairs and we can regain some of our house back….hmmm…Talk to you more about this soon!

  • Carina

    We have a bunk bed in Matt’s room, and as much as the boys fight during the day they BEG us to sleep in the same room at night. It’s cute to peek through the door and see them being silly, chatting, reading, bonding… helps the heart after those long hard days. Even if you decide to not have them share a room, comes in very handy for sleepovers. We still have Blake’s separate room….just in case they’re being naughty…hee, hee.

    • Rosa

      Thanks Carina! Now I’m excited to do it soon!! Where did you find your bunk bed?
      I know what you mean about helping the heart… I take every sweet moment I can!

  • karina

    Hey Rosa,

    I LOVE that the boys now have separate rooms. Sometimes they do still sneak into each others rooms to sleep together but it is a blessing being able to keep them separated. They each have a place for their special things and they have their own rooms to retreat to when moody. They are now 11 and 8 years though, so they kind of need that separation. We went from three kids in one room to each having their own. Amazing difference. It’s quiet at night, no more fighting. xo Happy New Year. Love the NYE costumes – especially Jason. hahaha!


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  • Shelley

    Sounds like you had a fun trip to Seattle! I see you like to visit the hidden gems of the city. I am the same way. I enjoy the tourist attractions as well, but I favor the hidden gems in any city.

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